A Pivotal Technology

| It’s fascinating to consider inventions that have shaped 20th-century American culture, such as the electric light bulb, the automobile, and the personal computer. Irrigation technology has also shifted our cultural landscape—specifically center pivot irrigation—by nourishing vast fields of circular crops across the American Midwest. Records show that in the early 1900s midwestern farmers began pumping ... READ MORE

Legal vs. Safe Water

| Water is a classic carrier of disease. A variety of bacteria, parasites, and viruses known as pathogens can potentially cause health problems if ingested by humans. In my experience, the healthfulness (hence legality) of water is based on certain presumptions and assumptions. When a sample of water measures up to a series of statutory limits ... READ MORE

Baseline Advances Flow Optimization with Next-Generation Irrigation Technology

| New Products Deliver Real-Time Visibility into Site-wide Flow, Advanced Water Source Management Baseline, the industry leader in intelligent irrigation control systems, announced a series of new software and hardware products and solutions that dramatically advance the state of flow optimization for the irrigation industry. Using advanced new flow management technology, Baseline solutions now enable irrigation ... READ MORE

National Association of Water Companies Announces Formation of Contract Operations Committee

| The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) announced today the formation of a Board-led Standing Committee focused on contract operations. The new Contract Operations Committee represents NAWC members engaged in the provision of water and wastewater services via operating agreements, public-private partnerships, and related arrangements with municipalities and other entities. The Committee will provide a ... READ MORE

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Receives $699 Million EPA Loan for Wastewater Upgrades

| New federal loan and guarantee program accelerates investment in nation’s water infrastructure The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded a $699 million low-interest loan to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to help finance its innovative Southeast Treatment Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project. Under the EPA’s Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA), ... READ MORE

3D Printing a Better Membrane

| About 96% of the Earth’s water can be found in its oceans. As desalination technology becomes increasingly cost-effective and efficient, a growing number of communities around the world are becoming reliant on seawater for survival. In reverse osmosis, the most common desalination process, water is forced through a membrane that selectively filters out contaminants on ... READ MORE

Self-Healing Membranes

| AS THE PROBLEMS associated with water scarcity and declining water quality become more apparent in some parts of the county, water reuse is becoming an increasingly common option for communities to augment their water supplies. Water reuse is also becoming a more widespread option for managing wastewater rather than simply discharging into a surface water body. As water reuse becomes more common, the use of membranes has become more mainstream, acting as a physical barrier for pathogens and other chemical compounds of interest. However, a major issue regarding membranes is their long-term integrity and the cost of cleaning and continually monitoring membrane performance to ensure proper operations. Ideally, membranes would be resilient to challenges to integrity and be able to recover from damages. ... READ MORE

WRF Requesting Research Proposals on Antibiotic Resistance in Reuse and Wastewater Applications

| The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is accepting proposals for Critical Evaluation and Assessment of Health and Environmental Risks from Antibiotic Resistance in Reuse and Wastewater Applications. The goal of the project is to examine approaches to quantify the public health and environmental risks related to antibiotic resistance (AR) in reuse and wastewater applications. The World ... READ MORE

IDE Technologies Launches MAXH2O for Increased Brine Recovery of Brackish Water Desalination Plants

| MAXH2O implementation in Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants shows brine recovery of up to 98 percent IDE Technologies, a world leader in desalination and water treatment solutions, today announced the launch of its brine desalter technology, MAXH2O, which aims to effectively reduce brine reject from brackish water desalination plants by ensuring a more durable ... READ MORE

Xylem named to FORTUNE “Change the World” list

| Xylem among top 50 companies recognized for significant social impact Global water technology company, Xylem (NYSE:XYL), has been included on FORTUNE’s 2018 “Change the World” list, a ranking of 50 companies that have made a significant social impact through their core business strategy. Listed as number 7 in the ranking, Xylem has been recognized for ... READ MORE

Core & Main Acquires Finish Line Systems, Enhances Metering Solutions

| Core & Main LP, the leading US distributor of water, sewer and fire protection products, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of select assets of Finish Line Systems, LLC (“Finish Line”), a Denver-based distributor of water meters, meter reading systems and accessories. This acquisition marks the fourth by Core & Main since becoming ... READ MORE