Brokk G50 Is the Essential Attachment for Soft Demolition, Separation, and Sorting

The G50 grapple manufactured by Brokk is the perfect attachment for soft demolition, separation and sorting in the interior of structures. The unit is easy to handle and operate and provides excellent clamping, prying and breakout force.

The G50 jaw opening is 17.3 inches. It is compatible with the Brokk 60, 100, 160 and 260, as well as some older Brokk models. For interior soft demolition, it is typically used with the 100 and 160, models that are only 31 inches wide and can fit through standard doorways and hallways. Since the 100 and 160 have less than 100 foot-pounds of floor load, they are ideal machines for these types of interior soft-gut projects.

With one fixed and one movable jaw, the G50 can firmly grasp structural elements such as drywall, ceiling sections, piping and HVAC ducts, while a 360-degree hydraulic rotation circuit allows for fast and accurate positioning. Once the attachment grasps something, the powerful Brokk machine can easily pull it down. This eliminates the need to have harnessed workers on ladders or scaffolding cutting and pulling down structural elements. And, because Brokk machines are remote-controlled, the operator can position himself away from any falling debris but maintain a good view of the work.

Once demolished materials are pulled down, the Brokk and G50 make it easy to pick up and sort even small debris. Boltable grip plates facilitate picking and sorting, so those tasks can be completed without switching to a different attachment.



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