Break-ups Are Often Necessary


Socially speaking, I do my best to try not to talk to friends and family about their break-ups. I never have any sage advice. Each split is different. Each partner is to blame. Whenever someone has sought my advice or counsel about a break-up, I would blatantly state that I refuse to discuss it.

Recently, Volvo Construction Equipment has been talking about a break-up. I will discuss this one because it has to do with the relationship carbon has had with construction. Volvo CE is hosting the Climate Construction Challenge (CCC). According to the CCC website the initiative is “to promote sustainability throughout the entire construction industry value chain, from extraction and production of building materials, construction and utilization to demolition and recycling.”

The CCC hosts a number of events including seminars and summits to create a dialogue. It also will fund research and connect the construction industry with sustainability research.

In the following video, the president of Volvo CE, Martin Weissburg, talks about involvement with the Construction Climate Challenge.

Volvo CE has been doing this for a few years now. Its latest effort is to have the construction industry break-up with carbon completely and get to total carbon neutrality by 2045. Here are its top five ways to do that:

What are your thoughts on total carbon neutrality by 2045 in the construction industry? Is it possible? Will it be worth it?  GX_bug_web


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