Here’s How to Help Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey


The last number I heard when it comes to the amount of destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey was in the neighborhood of $160 billion. As the damage continues to be assessed, officials are already beginning to organize the rebuilding effort. True to form, Americans are stepping up to bring relief and comfort, and want to help rebuild.

Strategic Partnerships Inc. (SPI) is a business-development firm based in Austin, TX that specializes in market research, government affairs, and public-private partnerships. It’s been trying to help companies and contractors, large and small, get the information they need to become part of both short-term- and long-term-contracting rebuilding opportunities. SPI CEO Mary Scott Nabers published a list of guidelines for contractors who want to be part of the cleanup and construction efforts.

We’ve put together this handy guide to cover “rent vs. lease vs. buy” questions. Included are three decision trees along with a recap of pros and cons of each option.  How to Choose Between Rent vs. Buy. Download it now!

Here’s how it all works when a disaster occurs. Immediately, federal agencies move into the affected region and set up shop to provide assistance related to rescue and cleanup. Every city has a designated emergency management director and usually a command center, so the people working in this capacity connect and coordinate with federal employees on the ground. However, until the danger has passed, there is little focus on cleanup and rebuilding. All efforts are directed toward saving lives.

Local firms may be registered with a municipality or hold some sort of contract through a cooperative purchasing program. That will enhance the likelihood of getting an immediate contract. For others, the best plan of action is to contact the division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) known as SAM (System for Award Management). For questions, call the SAM help desk at 866-606-8220.

Companies should also check with these divisions of FEMA:

  • Federal Business Opportunities – This is a free web-based portal that allows vendors to review federal procurement opportunities over $25,000. Registered contractors can receive procurement alerts by signing up at this site:
  • FedBid – This is a fully managed online marketplace connecting sellers to federal and commercial opportunities. Register at”

For more details on SPI’s guidelines, click here.

One more thing: we’re all about increasing efficiency here at Grading and Excavation Contractor. I’m trying to spread the word about making donations to the communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Let’s increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our charity by thinking before we give. Please watch the following news report and you’ll understand what I mean. GX_bug_web


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