The Numbers Are Staggering

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas as a category 4 storm in late August and caused approximately $180 billion in damage. The number of people affected from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky is in the neighborhood of 13 million. 39,000 people were forced into shelters after their homes were invaded by flood waters. And the most tragic number of all, 82 lives were lost.

We’ve put together this handy guide to cover “rent vs. lease vs. buy” questions. Included are three decision trees along with a recap of pros and cons of each option.  How to Choose Between Rent vs. Buy. Download it now!

That’s not the end of the story. Now comes the part where human compassion takes over. This is when determination and will take over and say, “We will rebuild.” From out of the rubble, communities will re-emerge and grow by accepting help from kind hearts…and heavy equipment.

I’ve traveled across the country, shaking hands and spending time with a multitude of you who are in the dirt-moving business. These acts of kindness from you, I feel, are typical.  GX_bug_web



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