Fumoto Continues to Evolve With the Release of Its Next Generation SX-SERIES

Fumoto’s next gen engine oil drain valve has added some new features to build upon the original valve’s already proven design.

Santa Rosa, California – May, 2016

Meet the next generation of Fumoto: The new, patent pending Fumoto® SX-series is comprised of two distinct yet fully integrated parts: the through bolt and oil-flow control body. The SX can rotate 360° which allows orientation to achieve a smaller profile and maximum protection. The unique through bolt design can be tightened independent of the valve body, allowing for a simple installation that easily avoids obstructions.

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Also new, the ergonomic control lever makes the valve easier to operate, even in tight spaces. It features the same tried and true secure locking mechanism as our original valves, but now remains parallel to the body in the closed position for a reduced profile.  The versatility of the SX-series valve also allows installation without an adapter on some cars and trucks that may have previously required one, and with the new SX valves larger body, its quad channels allow for better flow rates and an even faster oil change for some models.

SX with oil edited

Fumoto has been making oil changes “Simply Effortless” with safety, reliability and high quality for the last 40 years.

For more information on the new SX-Series, please visit http://www.fumotousa.com/sx-series-valves.php GX_bug_web


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