Less Than Six Degrees of Separation


Recently I covered CONEXPO-CON/AGG for our sister publication, Grading & Excavation Contractor magazine. Much of what was talked about was infrastructure. Infrastructure relates to all of Forester Media’s publications, including MSW Management. It’s hard to write an MSW Management blog without turning to the subject of the nation’s infrastructure, especially with Infrastructure Week coming up again in just a couple of months, and with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) about to release their Infrastructure Report Card for the nation. On top of that, the new President of the United States is saying that rebuilding the nation’s crumbling infrastructure is one of his administration’s priorities.

So, let’s talk about it, because whatever investments can or will be made should include the management of solid waste.

In 2013, American infrastructure was given a “D+” on the ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card. While there have been a number of improvement projects, it’s nowhere near what’s needed to bring the grade up to even a “C-“ in my view.

The questions of what to do about infrastructure today are the same questions that we’ve been asking for several years. There is a difference. We’re now asking those same questions with much more urgency. We’re also asking how changing or diminishing regulations will affect operations. Whether the answer to those questions will be revealed by the new White House administration and Congress remains to be seen. What is clear is that the importance of the current situation is being heard outside of the affected industries.

One mainstream media outlet recently had infrastructure as a lead story. This report is from CBS Sunday Morning, and it paints an accurate picture of what the country is facing.MSW_bug_web





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