Want to Get a Fix on the Emerging Regulatory Environment?

Join Constance Hornig, as she peeks beneath the governmental tent skirts.


That’s the task our mighty Forester University has placed on its webinar platter for next week, calling upon well-known and respected MSW attorney, Constance Hornig, to plumb the murky depths of such agenda-laden organizations as OMB, EPA, and Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works (EPW).

Are you interested in what changes to the environmental landscape are gaining traction and how they might impact your MSW projects in 2017? Indeed, with the election rhetoric falling victim to the obligatory give-and-take considerations of practical politics, how might shifts in focus under the new administration impact MSW management practices, processes, and project development?

According to Constance, in spite of all the “breaking news” flummery designed to keep readers, viewers, or listeners tuned in, the real issues and actions are those before the OMB’s rules and appropriations committees.

“As I struggle with organizing, reducing, redacting the material, and packaging a memorable message on the players…administrators reviewing EPA’s recommendations on rescinding, amending, and quantifying cost/benefits,” she told me earlier this week, explaining that this has proven to be the most complex topic she’s tackled: one filled with endless primary sources, speculations, animosity, and talking heads.

As all who have seen Constance in action will be quick to affirm, this topic is right in her wheelhouse…the kind of sorting out undertaking at which she is the genuine master. Let me add that of the many wonderful things that have come my way through my association with MSW Management magazine, Constance is right at the head of the list, not only in the insights she brings to difficult subjects, but her ability to present them in ways that make them applicable to real-life situations.

So to explore with Constance what’s coming to pass in the MSW regulatory environment, you’ll want to be sure to clear your schedule for her “Interpreting and Preparing for Regulatory Changes in 2017 Webinar” on April 12th—this next Wednesday—at 11:00 a.m. PDT (2:00 p.m. EDT). For full information, and enrollment, click here MSW_bug_web


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