Serio-Us Lock Introduces Its Latest Innovative Product – the Cart Lock

PLANO, TX March 15, 2017 — Serio-Us Lock, the industry leader in container locks, introduces its latest innovative product – the Cart Lock. The new lock is smart enough to know the difference between being dumped and knocked over, meaning the cart remains secured even if knocked over by small animals, or the wind.

The lid lock automatically opens when dumped, no matter which direction the cart is facing when picked up by an automated collection vehicle.  However, it automatically locks when the cart is knocked over in any direction, or off a curb, and it remains locked until the cart is reset to a standing position.  The lock can also be opened with the keyless, twist and pull access knob when the cart is in an upright position.

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The well-placed lid mounted design keeps the lock mechanism out of the waste stream, and will not interfere with nesting containers. It can be installed at the factory prior to shipping, or installed easily on site on existing containers.

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