City of Baltimore Selects SSI Schaefer to Supply RFID Waste Carts

Charlotte, NC – 04/19/2016 – SSI SCHAEFER has been selected by the City of Baltimore as the official supplier of approximately 200,000 rollout waste containers to promote cleaner neighborhoods and provide more efficient service to its citizens. The contract includes distribution of the carts to all occupied residences, and an ongoing comprehensive program to maintain the carts.

“We wanted to be sure all of our trash customers had durable cans to safely keep their household waste, and lids to keep it secure,” said Baltimore City Department of Public Works Director Rudy S. Chow, P.E. “These cans will help citizens keep their neighborhoods clean and healthy for years to come.”

The 65 gallon green carts are stamped with the City’s seal and text which reads “Property of the City of Baltimore.” Smaller, 35 gallon carts are also available for qualifying residences. The carts make trash collection easier for everyone. They are designed to be easily rolled to the curb, and to help keep Baltimore neighborhoods cleaner. Automated lifting equipment on the garbage collection trucks will lift and dump the carts providing a safer work environment for City employees.

Each cart is equipped with an RFID tag that delivery crews will scan and match to the address where the cart is delivered. The data, gathered with the RFID scanning at the time of delivery, is managed by SSI SCHAEFER’s web based Wistar asset management program. Wistar provides the City with a daily report that details how many carts were deployed each day and in which neighborhoods. Additionally, City Officials have access to Wistar and can follow the progress of the project in real time.

The deliveries are scheduled and broken out by neighborhood. Two weeks prior to a neighborhood receiving their carts, the delivery crews go to each home and drop off a “hangtag” or door hanger giving the resident a heads up that in the next couple of weeks they will be receiving a cart.

All carts are scheduled to be delivered by the end of June 2016.

Through a three year service contract with the City, SSI SCHAEFER will maintain the cart inventory and supply RFID scanners and software to keep track of the containers.

“We value our partnership with the City of Baltimore and are not only committed to producing a quality product, but also providing reliable service and delivering all products on time,” states Maria Frizzell, SSI SCHAEFER’s CEO of the company’s Waste Technology Division. MSW_bug_web


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