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Soil Retention Products Inc., the leading provider of Plantable concrete systems, just launched their newest product, Drivable Turf, a pre-cut artificial turf solution that fits to Soil Retention’s permeable, flexible concrete pavement system, Drivable Grass. Drivable Turf comes in 4- by 4-foot sections and fits perfectly into the void spaces of Drivable Grass. The pre-cut artificial turf is easily installed in combination with Drivable Grass without the need to measure, cut, and space.

Drivable Turf is a win-win for contractors looking to reduce hours and labor costs yet still provide a low-maintenance greenscape solution for customers wanting a permeable pavement system for their walkways, pathways, driveways, and more.

Flexible, durable, and impermeable to most chemicals and liquids, Plastatech IG (Industrial Grade) geomembrane helps you contain and control materials, runoff, chemicals, and spills. It is formulated to withstand UV exposure, atmospheric pollutants, and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial settings. Plastatech IG was developed for applications such as landfills, canals, ponds, wastewater, and other secondary containment purposes. This geomembrane offers excellent lay-flat characteristics and meets PGI-1104 and ASTM D7176 requirements. It is available in 10-, 20-, and 30-mil thicknesses. Standard colors are gray and black with additional colors available upon request.

GeoStabilization International specializes in both preventative and emergency landslide repairs, rock fall mitigation, and grouting repairs. Our tools include the Soil Nail Launcher, Biowall System, ScourMicropiles, SuperNails, and purpose-built limited access drill rigs. We use design/build and design/build/warranty contracting to develop and install innovative solutions that protect people and infrastructure from the dangers of geohazards. GeoStabilization’s team includes some of the brightest and most dedicated professionals in the geohazard mitigation industry. Our expertise, proprietary tools, and worldwide partnerships allow us to repair virtually any slope stability or foundation problem in any geologic setting.

Since Bowie Industries has a full manufacturing facility, full turnkey solutions can be provided. Sheet metal operations, welding, painting, and assembly are all done in house. Custom mountings on customers’ trucks with integrated toolboxes can be done onsite for a complete turnkey finished product. From our smallest units to the largest truck-mounted units, all significant operations are done internally; therefore, there is no reliance on subcontractors. Quality has always been a goal of Bowie Industries, and there is no better way to control quality than to do it yourself. Visit us at IECA Booth #231.

Detroit Tarp has been a leading provider and manufacturer of tarps for over 53 years, and has 20 years of experience designing and building top quality cofferdams. With a wide selection of cofferdam sizes, fabrics, and weights of materials, Detroit Tarp offers industry-leading dewatering solutions at a competitive price. If you are currently searching for a cost-effective way to dewater an area and prevent invasive water from entering the job site, Detroit Tarp Water Inflated Dams were designed to meet those needs.

DuraWattle is a long-lasting, versatile, and reusable sediment barrier that’s made to be driven over. It is the most durable temporary perimeter control berm on the market, directly replacing traditional BMPs like silt fence. DuraWattle ­sections form an effective continuous barrier on soil, sidewalk, or hard surfaces. The lightweight design and easy installation of DuraWattle saves you money on sediment control installation and maintenance. Its durable design makes it ideal for perimeter control and egress points on new residential ­developments.

Rockfall Impact Attenuator Systems are a rockfall protection solution combining rockfall drapes and flexible rockfall barriers. The system is used as a passive protection measure: The barrier breaks the fall and the drape steers the rocks into the runout zone. The Attenuator System combines the proven strengths of both the barrier and drape to provide low-maintenance protection. As a hybrid of classic rockfall barriers and drape systems, our rockfall impact attenuators are the perfect solution to quickly and easily achieve effective protection on various rock slopes. Attenuators designed and built with high-tensile steel materials make the solution virtually maintenance-free.

The Titan HydroSeeder is THE premium power package specially designed and fitted to FINN’s largest, most robust HydroSeeder models. Gallon tank sizes range from 3000–4000. The Titan is the most powerful hydroseeder in the industry with more horsepower and a high-efficiency hydraulic system. It’s FINN’s answer to contractors wanting more power, speed, and more HydroSeeder.

For 80+ years, FINN has been the worldwide leader in providing quality equipment to landscape and erosion control industries. With nearly 200 dealer locations in North America and representation internationally, only FINN provides the support you need at a local level. Visit us at IECA, Booth #359.

Hydro Straw LLC is a leading-edge erosion control products and ­hydroseeding mulch manufacturing company, providing the latest in innovative erosion control technologies. Our goal is to produce quality erosion control products while providing superior service and ­customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to offer the best possible solution as well as product for your erosion control needs. Contact us today to discuss your next project and/or product ­distribution options.

The AquaDam is a flexible plastic tube structure that uses water to control water. Lightweight, portable, and reusable, the AquaDam can be installed in a single day, without earth-fill-discharge permits. AquaDams conform to the clean water act of 1976 as a “Turbidity Protection Device.” Using water to control water, the AquaDam simplifies and compresses cofferdam installation so you can get on with the rest of your job. AquaDam: Water Controlling Water.

The Epic C330HO was designed to handle the thickest slurries of the most difficult mulches on the market. Epic Manufacturing’s hydraulic mulch grinder, aggressive paddle agitation system, vortex slurry pump, and fresh water flush tank make this a reality. The company also designed the C330HO to require the least amount of maintenance in the industry by equipping it with an all hydraulic power system, maintenance and leak free agitator bearings, stainless steel slurry tank, and split flange turret swivels.

The Guard Line of erosion control products provides three premium choices when choosing a Fiber Reinforced Matrix, Bonded Fiber Matrix, or Stabilized Mulch Matrix. All three products ensure soil protection while providing rapid seed germination over all types of terrains. Long-term protection or functional longevity has reached 12 to 24 months from the flexible erosion control blanket that is created from each product. Each Guard product has a history of proven success within the erosion control industry and are all derived from the original BFM, Soil Guard.


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