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Silt Sock
Silt Sock manufactures a variety of products for controlling erosion and sediment. This line includes tube-based products known as silt socks, filter socks, or sediment socks. This product features fabric filled with compost, wood chips, or other organic filtering material to help keep soil in place by reducing stormwater runoff and trapping sediment. In addition to the finished product, the company also supplies fabric and equipment to produce socks. This process minimizes expense on transporting a ready-to-install sock.

Flexible, durable, and impermeable to most chemicals and liquids, Plastatech IG (Industrial Grade) geomembrane helps you contain and control materials, runoff, chemicals, and spills. It is formulated to withstand UV exposure, atmospheric pollutants, and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial settings. Plastatech IG was developed for applications such as landfills, canals, ponds, wastewater, and other secondary containment purposes. This geomembrane offers excellent lay-flat characteristics and meets PGI-1104 and ASTM D7176 requirements. It is available in 10-, 20-, and 30-mil thicknesses. Standard colors are gray and black with additional colors available upon request.

Berry Plastics/TYPAR
TYPAR Geosynthetics

Developed through 40 years of engineering and construction experience, TYPAR Geosynthetics provides a trusted range of Geotextile, Geocell, and Porous Paving solutions, made in the US, for erosion control, slope reinforcement, grass and soil stabilization, drainage, filtration, and separation.

TYPAR is a brand of Berry Global, a Fortune 500 company. With net sales of $7.1 billion in fiscal 2017, Berry Global is also the world’s leading producer of engineered non-woven fabrics.

Mat Inc.
The Guard Line of erosion control products provides three premium choices when choosing a Fiber Reinforced Matrix, Bonded Fiber Matrix, or Stabilized Mulch Matrix. All three products ensure soil protection while providing rapid seed germination over all types of terrains. Long-term protection or functional longevity has reached 12–24 months from the flexible erosion control blanket that is created from each product. Each Guard product has a history of proven success within the erosion control industry and all are derived from the original BFM, Soil Guard. The Guard Line guarantees performance on slopes ranging from 6:1 to 1:1; product choice is based on slope gradient or project specification.

Lee Supply
Bury HydroBlox in an area where you need to control the water. The planks can be laid flat, placed on edge, or even stacked. There is no need for heavy equipment, geotextiles, drainage pipe, sand, or aggregate. Just establish the proper slope, install the HydroBlox, and backfill. As water is introduced to the planks, filling the microscopic cracks and crevasses throughout the product, the planks become saturated. This is where gravity takes over—the water will flow downward, utilizing the easier path through HydroBlox. Once one plank is saturated, the water flows from plank to plank to its final destination.

Soil Retention Products Inc.
Soil Retention Products Inc., the leading provider of Plantable concrete systems, just launched their newest product, Drivable Turf, a pre-cut artificial turf solution that fits to Soil Retention’s permeable, flexible concrete pavement system, Drivable Grass. Drivable Turf comes in 4- by 4-foot sections and fits perfectly into the void spaces of Drivable Grass. The pre-cut artificial turf is easily installed in combination with Drivable Grass without the need to measure, cut, and space.

Drivable Turf is a win-win for contractors looking to reduce hours and labor costs yet still provide a low-maintenance greenscape solution for customers wanting a permeable pavement system for their walkways, pathways, driveways, and more.

Plastic Solutions Inc. was founded in 1997 with the vision to supply structural plastic trash racks to the stormwater management industry. Since then, a significant amount of research and development has gone into product testing—including load testing, UV resistance, flammability, resin additives, and water flow restriction requirements—all with excellent results. Today, Plastic Solutions supplies high-quality, industry leading trash racks, and also sells HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings, ChamberMaxx pipe, PVC pipe, plastic catch and drain basins, and plastic sheet goods. Plastic Solutions has certified shop and field welders to ensure all requirements are met.

L&M Supply
For over three decades, industry professionals have turned to L&M Supply. With locations nationwide, L&M Supply is the nation’s largest manufacturer and distributor of quality geotextile fabrics, silt fence, metal t-post, wood oak stakes, weed control fabrics, and erosion control blankets and wattles. To learn more, visit our website listed below.

JRM Chemical
JRM Chemical has a full line of linear anionic polymers that reduce soil erosion and treat turbid water. They reduce soil loss and chemical and fertilizer runoff. These polymers help increase the establishment of turf and ground cover and increase the infiltration of water in the soil. All JRM products are approved and exceed ASI/NSF 60 standard. The linear polymers are available in powders, emulsions, and tablets to meet your specific site requirements.

Express Blower
Express Blower has received Tier 4 Final certification per EPA/EU/CARB standards on its self-contained machines, which include models TM-45MD, TM-45HD, TM-70MD, TM-70HD, and the compact SKHD. The John Deere PowerTech PSS 6.8L engine powers the MD (Medium Duty) models, while the HD (Heavy Duty) machines use the John Deere PowerTech PSS 9.0L engine. Other improvements to the Tier 4 Final machines include a simplified control system and an enhanced hydraulic control system. Blower power remains unchanged or improved on all models.

J.W. Faircloth & Son Inc.
The Faircloth Skimmer surface drain floats on the surface of the sediment basin as it fills and drains, releasing the cleanest water near the surface instead of draining muddy water from the bottom of the basin as conventional outlets do. The skimmer drains the basin slowly over several days at a constant rate to maximize settling. The adjustable orifice regulates the filling and drawdown of the basin and improves efficiency. Check out our website listed below for additional information including cut sheets, a sizing template, detailed installation instructions, and pictures.

Epic Manufacturing
The Epic C330HO was designed to handle the thickest slurries of the most difficult mulches on the market. Epic Manufacturing’s hydraulic mulch grinder, aggressive paddle agitation system, vortex slurry pump, and fresh water flush tank make this a reality. The company also designed the C330HO to require the least amount of maintenance in the industry by equipping it with an all hydraulic power system, maintenance and leak free agitator bearings, stainless steel slurry tank, and split flange turret swivels.


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