Technology Making Leaps in the Energy Management Industry

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Dear Energy Professional,

When it comes to energy efficient buildings and building automation, the energy efficiency industry is making full use of everything that 21st century technology can deliver.

Take, for example, GEM Energy’s infrastructure upgrade at the Toledo School for the Arts. TSA is a unique place. Its art students create sculptures of human genes when they study science, and acting students write skits to enhance their history lessons. It also features a brand-new, state-of-the-art recording studio…and lives in a 100-year-old building.

So how does a business energy company bring a century-old building into the 21st century—and also keep the noise down for the recording studio? GEM Energy started by replacing 1950s HVAC equipment throughout the building. But that wasn’t all. It added a state-of-the-art building automation system to control everything, even displaying real-time operating results.

As for the recording studio, where of course sound quality is paramount, the company installed a high-tech sound attenuator in the ductwork to reduce noise from the air handling unit, and special controls on HVAC equipment to allow the school to disable the supply/return air system to further protect sound quality.

The result? A century-old building that operates with 21st century energy efficiency, all without impacting sound quality for young music students. And that’s just one of the miracles happening all over the world in energy management and building automation.

The question for you is, how do you know which technology is exactly right for your business energy management projects, among the hundreds of solutions becoming available to you every year? Who can you trust to deliver the latest technology news, explain how the tech works in real-life situations and ensure you’re on top of any competitors’ latest projects?

The answer, of course, is Business Energy, the only publication in the country that focuses exclusively on the power concerns of businesses and facilities. And the best place to start is in our expert special report, 21st Century Business Energy Management: From Traditional Building Automation Systems to Futuristic Energy Generation. Download it now!

What Could You Do With This Fundamental Energy Management Guide?

With your engineering skills and scientific training, you’re probably already picturing some of the benefits of reading our free Special Report. But allow me to outline them specifically to make it even easier for you to decide to download it.

When you read 21st Century Business Energy Management: From Traditional Building Automation Systems to Futuristic Energy Generation, you will:

  • Discover a vast range of the newest energy efficiency technologies
  • Learn which technologies are actually being used successfully, and in which types of facilities
  • Find out which companies offer technologies that interest you—or compete with your own products
  • Understand exactly how these technologies are working in real-life applications
  • Ensure complete confidence in every business energy management decision you make

No matter how advanced your own expertise, 21st Century Business Energy Management: From Traditional Building Automation Systems to Futuristic Energy Generation delivers information and insight on energy management systems and equipment that you haven’t seen anywhere else. That’s because it comes from Business Energy, the journal that drives the entire national conversation about onsite power.

With our expertise, experience and vast industry contacts, only Business Energy could write a comprehensive overview of current business energy management technologies—including real-life case studies and interviews with vendors that no other resource can access.

Use this Special Report to update your knowledge base, research a solution for your project, and keep an eye on your peers and competitors.

Mastering the Human Element in Energy Management

The most fundamental change that any business energy management program must effect is among the people who use and administer the power used in business settings. This report starts with a thorough overview of current energy dashboard technology. One dashboard provider estimates that by prompting behavior changes alone, a business can achieve energy savings of 5–7%!

This company also estimates that another 40–50% savings comes from controls to attenuate lighting, HVAC, and other equipment—allow a business to see a gratifying ROI in a short period of time.

Another vendor of smart meters explains how monitoring the data provided by such meters can change the minds of even the most stubborn management. “We ask if there is any reason why production lines couldn’t be used earlier in the day” to avoid peak demand times, says Donald Millstein, president of E-Mon.

“Management says no—they have the people, materials, and machines in place. But if they shift this production function earlier or later in the day, they’ll be outside of their peak and get a better level field. That granular information is used to promote a change in behavior in the facility.”

How would your business or clients feel about this kind of success in business energy management? Read more about this technology in our FREE Special Report.

Such smart meter systems are available as both PC- and Internet-based. Other technologies allow management to actually fine-tune temperature and light in ways that offer substantial savings without making employees too hot or cold, or forcing them to squint in dim lighting.

Then again, perhaps your company or client isn’t in the market for all-new equipment, but still wants to initiate greater energy efficiency in their existing building automation system. We’ve thought of that, too: A large project engineering firm explains in this report how they uncover energy efficiency from their clients’ current energy management systems—generally delivering savings of 10–20% just from operation and maintenance, behavior change, and no capital projects whatsoever!

Another way to manage heating, ventilation and cooling is via specialized thermostats. So this report takes a look at an energy management system that helps end users save energy through algorithms that ensure HVAC units stagger turn-on times to minimize the energy spike during high demand for climate control.

Naturally this Special Report also tackles the critical issue of lighting, for which there is a variety of options for the business energy management professional to consider. For instance, are you familiar with the latest “hot” product, LED T8 tube lights? If not, consider this: They save up to 50% of energy compared to fluorescent tube—and even last two to three times longer, reducing maintenance costs while they’re at it.

But wait, there’s more: LEDs are much cooler than traditional lighting, so air conditioning costs are reduced. Bonus: The lights give brighter, whiter light, creating better visual conditions for employees and reducing resistance to change. Interested? Read more about these products and the vendors who deploy them in real-life applications in the FREE Special Report.

Comprehensive Energy Management: Putting It All Together

And there are many more energy efficiency products and new energy management systems outlined in this Special Report, from occupancy and daylight sensors to alarm management to real-time usage monitoring. Of course, you may be wondering how these hundreds of products and pieces of equipment can all be united into single efficient energy management systems. The answer, according to this Special Report, is BACnet, a data communication protocol for building automation system and control networks.

If you’re not as familiar with BACnet as you could be, read this report to learn that BACnet is an American national standard, a European standard, a national standard in more than 30 countries, and an ISO global standard. Developed under the auspices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the protocol is supported and maintained by ASHRAE, and supported by BACnet International, an organization that encourages the use of BACnet in building automation systems through interoperability testing, educational programs, and promotional activities.

BACnet is critical for building owners and the business energy management professionals who work with them. It’s an open interoperable standard, so an owner can install devices from different manufactures that work with BACnet, yet they’ll all communicate with one another and are visible under a user interface. This kind of information makes your job much easier to manage, and makes employers and clients much, much happier in these days of rising energy costs and increasing usage penalties.

In fact, here are some more numbers that will make you want to download this Special Report right now, to find out how you can achieve them yourself:

  • An energy dashboard vendor says companies who decide to install attenuation controls to equipment such as lighting, air compression and HVAC based on their dashboard data can achieve 40–50% in energy savings.
  • Program engineering has helped Sysco Foods achieve some 40% in energy savings across 110 facilities.
  • A new HVAC building automation system and in-depth data analysis led to a direct cost savings for a Silicon Valley company of $800,000 per year, an ROI in 10 months, a decrease in electricity usage of 10% and a rebate check from Pacific Gas & Electric of $633,000—the largest such rebate in Silicon Valley to date.
  • Beth Israel Hospital used sophisticated energy simulation tools to create the plan for a massive, retrofitted energy management system on six floors, cut its utility bill by some $640,000, and paid for its new system in six months.

There’s much, much more in this Special Report, too. From upgrading the lights at massive, outdated government buildings to mitigating the sun’s heat to generating energy on-site and beyond, this in-depth Special Report delivers solutions you may never even have considered. How much would that be worth to you? Of course, because we want to get this information into as many hands as possible, it will cost you nothing.

So if any of our numbers intrigue you…if there’s anything in the business energy management field you think you still have to learn…if you’ve ever encountered a building automation or energy efficiency problem that stumped you… download this FREE Special Report now, before your attention turns to other matters. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Remember, this Special Report is expert, in-depth, comprehensive, and FREE. Read it now, and start implementing 21st century technology to solve your most difficult business energy management challenges tomorrow.

Yours for energy efficiency,

Laura Sanchez
Editor, Distributed Energy

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