Construction Safety Topics That Can Save Lives

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Dear Construction Professional,

When lives are in your hands, do you have the expertise you need to protect them?

Construction safety topics are diverse, constantly evolving, and frustrating for even the most dedicated safety expert. Yet, one mistake can change lives forever, yours included.

That’s why Grading & Excavation Contractor, the leading news and information journal on the business of moving earth, has created an essential primer on worksite safety for every manager in the industry:

Critical Construction Safety Topics:
 Construction Safety Equipment, OSHA Regulations, & Beyond

This Special Report is absolutely FREE because we believe the information in it should be in as many hands as possible. Worksite safety is just too important a topic to keep our knowledge to ourselves.

But why should you read this Special Report? What’s in it for you? We know construction safety topics are among your top priorities. We know 15,000 construction accidents a day have a way of keeping you up at night. And this Special Report will help you

  • Discover the dangers posed by ordinary equipment and tools—even weather
  • Learn which accident prevention measures can actually create new dangers
  • Understand how your EMR ratings can hurt or help you
  • Master complex OSHA regulations that can trip you up
  • Identify the best safety equipment for your jobs and situation
  • Prevent accidents on your sites that can change or destroy lives and even your business

Perhaps more importantly, you can trust the information in this report because it’s brought to you by Grading & Excavation Contractor, the esteemed journal written specifically for professionals like you to help you enhance productivity, make solid decisions, stay out of the clutches of regulators, and build more soundness into your business with every yard of dirt you touch. More than 77,000 of your peers read it regularly!

Construction Safety Topic #1: Trenching

As one of the leading causes of construction accidents, trenching is certainly something to take seriously. An average of 1,000 lost-time trench collapses occur every year, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Yet trench protection is affordable, and it saves lives.

How much do you know about two most common types of trench protection—shoring and shielding? Do you know how to determine which one is best suited for each job? Are you familiar with the products that are available to save lives and prevent injury?

If you read our FREE Special Report, Critical Construction Safety Topics, you’d know the answers to all of those questions.

  • The trench shield or box has few soil type limitations. Shoring systems are more flexible when utilities have to pass through a trench.
  • Shores are more movable, but work best in depths no more than 12 feet.
  • Slide-rail trenching shields are available for use in the most difficult construction situations.
  • Some manufacturers make aluminum panel shields, designed to work with rubber-tired backhoes or light excavators. Others make heavy-duty steel boxes, complete with solid welds and solid forged steel sockets for deep, heavy-duty trenching.
  • Many companies even offer classes on safe trenching for a full-service experience.

All of this information and more is included in our section on trenching. Most likely, you’re unaware of some of the details we deliver—details that could save lives, time and money for your company. Why not download this FREE Special Report today?

Construction Safety Topic #2: Contact

It’s every construction manager’s nightmare: The tragically injured worker who was in a truck’s blind spot, the driver passing on the highway who strayed too close to a road crew. Are your workers fully protected? Or are you taking shortcuts? Are you willing to pay the consequences—mentally, physically, and financially—if you’re not doing everything you can to prevent vehicular accidents?

If you enjoy sleeping soundly at night, why not read this free report right now and make sure you’re fully versed in vehicular safety? Consider this: The leading cause of highway construction worker injuries and fatalities, according to the US Federal Highway Administration’s statistics, are “contact with construction vehicles, objects, and equipment.”

Some of the construction safety topic questions that plague managers in charge of worker safety that are answered in depth in this free report:

  • Should your workers be wearing Class 2 or Class 3 high-visibility clothing?
  • How to handle when your workers refuse to wear uncomfortable required apparel?
  • Which equipment helps your drivers best operate their trucks and other equipment safely—and more efficiently?
  • What should you be wary of when installing new safety gear controls in the vehicle’s cab?
  • Exactly how much light do you need at your worksite for optimum safety?

Solutions like these make every construction manager breathe easier—along with his crew. From RFID proximity warning technology to crash attenuation products to blind spot cameras designed to withstand a vibration force of 9 g at 2,000 times per minute, this report details the equipment that can help every worker stay safe, and every project be completed on time and on budget.

Construction Safety Topic #3: Heat

No matter where you work, at some point your employees will be battling dangerously high temperatures. This isn’t something you can afford to overlook. Our expert, labor and employment law attorney Mark Lies, warns, “The likelihood of OSHA enforcement in this area is very high… It is imperative that employers take immediate steps to address the potential hazards posed by heat exposure.”

If one of your employees sustains a heat-related illness, you’ll certainly face a worker’s compensation liability. And that’s not all: The gravity of the claim may be substantially increased if the employee is overcome while operating machinery and sustains additional injury by falling into or off of equipment. For that matter, you could even face criminal liability, too.

In case you’re not completely sure about your responsibilities, this report tells you:

  • How to evaluate whether a heat hazard exists
  • How to choose the right work clothes for dangerously hot conditions
  • How to protect your workers from a range of heat-related problems
  • How to identify and treat different heat-related illnesses
  • How to protect yourself from lawsuits and OSHA charges

If you think this is the kind of information that would be helpful to you and your company, why not download this Special Report right now, and rest easier tonight after you’ve read and absorbed it?

It’s the Right Thing to Do

You know it’s critical to educate yourself on all this material on trenching, vehicular accidents, and heat hazards. And because we know that even when you do everything right—and of course more often if you don’t—accidents will happen, this Special Report also addresses OSHA First Aid requirements that can mean the difference between life and death.

Find out what equipment you need to have on hand, under what circumstances you must ensure that an employee onsite is trained in First Aid, how Good Samaritan laws impact onsite treatment by bystanders, what defines “readily available” in terms of your First Aid equipment, and much more.

Mastering these kinds of construction safety topics help save money and maintain the positive Efficiency Modification Rating (EMR) that keeps you in business as more and more companies use the EMR ratings to screen bidders for their jobs.

But we both know you want to learn as much as you can about worksite safety not just because it’s good business, but because it’s the right thing to do. As human beings, we’re all saddened to know people whose options and opportunities for a rich and rewarding life have been sliced, smashed, severed, or eviscerated—and in some cases blown into oblivion—by circumstances that in all too many cases were not only avoidable, but carelessly or even stupidly so.

So I urge you to read our FREE Special Report, Critical Construction Safety Topics:
 Construction Safety Equipment, OSHA Regulations & Beyond, and start implementing any safety measures you’ve overlooked immediately.

After you do, you’ll start each workday with more confidence and less stress, your employees will continue to work efficiently, effectively, and profitably for your company, and you’ll never have to face their friends and loved ones over a hospital bed or a casket.

Remember, this detailed, expert Special Report is FREE, and the benefits it delivers are impossible to place value on, so there’s no reason not to read it right away.

Download it now. You’ll be glad you did.

Yours for the safest workplace possible,

Arturo Santiago
Editor, Grading & Excavation Contractor

PS: Did you know that long-sleeved shirts are better for preventing heat-related illnesses outdoors than short sleeves? That’s just one of the important lessons you’ll learn in this free Special Report.

PSS: Even if you think you know everything you need to know about worksite safety, is it really worth taking the chance that you’ve missed something? Read our Special Report now to be sure your employees are as safe as possible!


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