Innovative Green Infrastructure Case Studies for Stormwater

How rain gardens, green roofs, and large-scale multi-use projects reduce stormwater runoff

Dear Stormwater Professional,

In this special report, we highlight several innovative green infrastructure stormwater projects, including rain gardens, green roofs, and large-scale multi-use projects. Several cities that have faced stiff penalties for combined sewer overflows (CSOs) are using green infrastructure to reduce the total amount of runoff.

With many CSO programs under consent decrees from their state, exploring innovative solutions to reducing stormwater runoff is not only smart, it’s necessary.

Existing stormwater systems are sometimes outdated, overtaxed, or designed to outdated codes. We’ve compiled this report to assist you in making smart green infrastucture decisions. By examining several projects over diverse parts of the country, you’ll be able to assess trends and techniques that consider various stakeholders in your stormwater projects.

There are a variety of ways to handle stormwater runoff with green infrastructure and many factors to consider when evaluating options, including:

  • Bioretention gardens
  • Determining the optimal plants for rain gardens
  • Dealing with steep slopes in watersheds
  • Improving usability of public spaces
  • Green roofs
  • Constructed wetlands

This report looks in detail at the solutions and benefits of green infrastructure projects.

  • Discover how incentives have helped Nashville, TN, become a green roof leader.
  • Learn how Wilmington, NC, created a wetland that removed 50–75% of inflowing water runoff.
  • Find out how Indianapolis revitalized its urban downtown with a cultural trail and created a model to connect various segments of its community. 

If you think this is the kind of information that would be helpful to you and your company, why not download this Special Report right now, and rest easier tonight after you’ve read and absorbed it?

So I urge you to read our FREE Special Report, Innovative Green Infrastructure Case Studies for Stormwater, and benefit from the knowlege shared in these stormwater green infrastructure case studies today.

Janice Kaspersen,
Editor, Stormwater

P.S. Even if you think you know everything you need to know about green infrastructure, is it really worth taking the chance that you’ve missed something? Read our Special Report now to be sure you’re up to date on the latest products for managing surface water.


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