Free Report: Transfer Organics in a Hallco Leak-Proof Live Floors® Equipped Trailer

A look at how landfill operators are combating the problems of leaking leachate from transfer trailers

Dear Waste Professional,

Landfill and Transfer Station operators are combating a common problem with their transfer trailers, leachate. No one wants to receive a call from a concerned or angry citizen about the liquid leaking from the back of a trailer. Moving floor trailers have been used for decades in the waste industry and one of the growing concerns is how to keep the leachate from leaking through the trailer.

Our friends at Hallco Industries provided this report to educate waste collection firms about the problems of leachate leaking from transfer trailers, the changing regulatory environment, how to prevent fines from trailer leaks, and a look at problems and solutions with moving floor trailers.

Find out why waste collection & transfer companies are looking at options to reduce leachate risk with leak-proof Live Floors® trailers.

When you read Transfer Organics in a Hallco Leak-Proof Live Floors® Equipped Trailer, you will:

  • Learn the common weak points in moving floor trailers
  • Find out the two approaches used to contain leachate in trailers
  • Understand how developments in trailer design reduce maintenance challenges
  • Discover the six benefits of mounting the drive to the front of the trailer vs. underneath

Have you ever wondered:

  •         What the biggest challenge is with making a moving floor trailer leak proof
  •         How to address the concern of seals wearing out over time in moving floor trailers
  •         How to combat under-mount drive vulnerabilities to leaking

If you’re in the waste transfer business and leachate leaks in your trailers are a concern for you…download this FREE Special Report now, before your attention turns to other matters. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Reduce leachate risk now.

This report is FREE. Read it now and learn how to reduce Leachate Risk with Leak-Proof Live Floors Trailers.


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Publishers of MSW Management

P.S. This report is not available anywhere else at any price! It is exclusive to MSW Management only.


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