Understanding Microgrids

A look at the benefits of microgrids, structure, and factors affecting microgrid development

Dear Energy Professional,

Many communities are considering, researching, or implementing microgrid solutions. The underlying rationale often involves complex business, operational, and economic issues.

We’ve put together this report to outline the benefits of microgrids, how they are structured, and factors affecting microgrid development. Microgrids don’t have to be mystifying; when you understand the basics, you can have discussions about creating more secure power for your community (or business) and ensure maximum up-time and energy consumer/prosumer satisfaction.

Find out why Microgrid solutions are being looked at for power security and reliability along with cost savings.

When you read Understanding Microgrids, you will:

  • Discover the challenges when operating in grid-connected mode vs. island mode
  • Learn the primary structural components of community microgrids
  • Find out the key economic factor that may develop additional revenue for microgrid operators
  • Understand how energy management systems will affect your microgrid

Just like the best time to plant an oak tree is 20 years ago and the second best time is today, now is the best time to take action and learn about Community Microgrids.

Have you ever wondered:

  •         What are the main factors affecting microgrid development?
  •         How long the permitting process is for microgrid solutions?
  •         How baseload generation contributes to the resiliency factors?
  •         How power resilience is vital for health and safety facilities?

If any of these questions intrigue you…if there’s anything in the microgrid field you think you still have to learn…download this FREE Special Report now, before your attention turns to other matters. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Understanding Microgrids
Remember, this report is written by experts, and FREE. Read it now, and learn how implementing Understanding Microgrids can help you have productive conversations that will ensure your community or businesses power stability.

Yours in power security,

Forester Media,

Publisher of Distributed Energy

P.S. This invaluable Special Report is not available anywhere else at any price! It is exclusive to Distributed Energy only.

  • Terence L.

    As one who is currently consulting on a few microgrid projects, I will find the paper interesting, Thank You


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