January-February 2019

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 21 / No. 1 Editor’s Comments: The Pieces Are All in Place IN THIS ISSUE Saving Time and Money Not Swept Away The Machine Control Bump Step Up Your Trench Shoring Hauling the Heavies Slick Moves Compaction—The Smart Way Departments Project Profile: Putting Safety Data to Work Training: Mood and Presentation ... READ MORE

November-December 2018

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 20 / No. 6 Editor’s Comments: Adopt New Technologies IN THIS ISSUE Safety Assured Not Bigger, But Stronger Who’s Doing the Thinking? Moving More and Reaching Higher Taking on the Toughest Departments Project Profile: Slashing Excavation Time Training: Language Alone Is Not Enough ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: Marshall Petty ... READ MORE

September-October 2018

| Business as Usual and Unusual Digging With the Big Boys Physical Gains from the Digital World Other People’s Money The Squeaky Wheel Big and Tall Haul ... READ MORE

July-August 2018

| Story Time with Telematics Better Numbers The Tracks of My Tires Breaking Habits Site Clearing Success Waste Not ... READ MORE

June 2018

| Scraping By Hi-Tech has Gone Underground Earth, Wind, and Water The New Swiss Army Knife Truth to Power Heavy Duty Cycle ... READ MORE

May 2018

| Non-traditionally Speaking Tasked with Being Tough In the Face of Adversity Fire to Ice, Forest to Landfill Poised for Growth Shields Up! ... READ MORE

March-April 2018

| Tapping Into Power Bend but Don’t Break Bigger is Better… Sometimes The Software Side of Compaction Protection Means More than Safety The Hydro Solution ... READ MORE

January-February 2018

| Staying Power Look Before You Leap Tabula Rasa Enhancing the Human Condition Choosing the Necessities Down in the Trenches ... READ MORE

October 2017

| A New Standard Straight and True For the Control Freak Measuring Earthwork Volumes ... READ MORE

September 2017

| Measuring Earthwork Volumes Hacking The Land Clearing Trailers That Deliver Deemed As Necessary Temporary Arrangements ... READ MORE

June 2017

| Finesse and Brute Force No More One Trick Pony Air, Water, and Soil Underground Networks Revealed Lines of Defense ... READ MORE

May 2017

| The Manager’s Helper The Technology of Site Clearing The Right Tool for the Right Job Back to Basics ... READ MORE

March-April 2017

| The New Art of Dozing Big Excavators, Big Tech A Necessary Support System Security That Can Happen in a Vacuum Carrying the Load ... READ MORE

January-February 2017

| Ribbons of Concrete and Steel Underground Detective Work Fully Equipped Motor Graders: Yesterday, Today, and Forever Trailing Isn’t Always a Bad Thing ... READ MORE

November-December 2016

| The Big Deal About Compact Equipment Straight and True It's All in the Family How the Savvy Contractors Roll They're So Unusual ... READ MORE

October 2016

| Machine Control: The New Normal Robots Have Arrived. Are You Ready? Four Steps to Telematics Success Excavation’s New Era: Maps, Machines, Management Aspects of Space and Time Technology Means Business The Next Best Thing to Being There ... READ MORE

September 2016

| The Backhoe Tech Boom Graders Move Into the Mainstream The Next Best Thing to Being There Giving Your Talent the Right Tools Trenchers vs. Excavators ... READ MORE

July-August 2016

| Stopping Sediment Aspects of Space and Time The Bigger They Come The Towed Scraper Option Planning to Succeed ... READ MORE

June 2016

| In the Dumps Machine Control: The New Normal Dozer Operating Made Easy Between a Rock and a Hard Place Downsizing The Many Faces of Pipeline Trenching ... READ MORE

May 2016

| The Many Talents of the Backhoe Excavators and Robotics Heavy Hitters: Concrete Paving Equipment What Counts Is on the Inside Robots Have Arrived. Are You Ready? ... READ MORE

March-April 2016

| Technology Means Business Tools for Compaction Excavation’s New Era: Maps, Machines, Management Trail Blazers Keeping Them Alive ... READ MORE

January-February 2016

| Connecting With Attachments This Is a Job For Skid-Steers/CTLs Digging Deep With Vacuum Excavators Smart Developments in Road Construction: The Newest Advances in Telematics Beyond the Line of Sight ... READ MORE

November-December 2015

| Compact Machines Take on the Big Jobs Financing for Growth The Growing Business of Job-Site Preparation Hydraulics: Powerful, Popular, Productive Operational Transparency: Utility Detection Systems ... READ MORE

September-October 2015

| The Ins and Outs, On and Offs of Attachments A Machine for All Reasons Laying Out Compaction Technology Behind the Curtain Strengthening Its Grip On the Industry Strategic Trenching and Shoring ... READ MORE

July-August 2015

| Flexing Your Muscle: Hydraulic Systems in Excavators and Earthmoving Equipment Moving Materials Around the Job Site Bring On The Connected Work Site! Critical Choices: Tire and Track Selection The Evolving World of Telematics ... READ MORE

June 2015

| Technology For Job-Site Safety Getting Big Results From Compact Equipment Dozer Power For Projects Jump Aboard The Vacuum Excavation Bandwagon ... READ MORE

May 2015

| Demolition Attachments Boost Efficiency and Opportunities for New Jobs Underground Obstacles Equipment Service: Easier, Less Often Road Building at Night ... READ MORE

March-April 2015

| Hauling Equipment Across Jurisdictions Timing And Trust Excavator Bucket Control: The Basics And More Precision Paving 101 Getting Your Project Off To A Flying Start ... READ MORE

January-February 2015

| Technology: From Office to Job Site and Back Skid Steers Versus Compact Wheel Loaders Here's How They Roll A Rock and A Hard Place: Aggregate Handling Equipment Handles it All ... READ MORE

November-December 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 16 / No.7 FEATURE ARTICLE Groundbreaking Tools OTHER ARTICLES A Life-or-Death Matter The Realities of Reman Saving by Using Technology In Construction: Rehearsing Reality DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Safety Project Profile: Tracking Progress Training Ad Index Reader Profile: Phil Shaffer ... READ MORE

September-October 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 16 / No.6 FEATURE ARTICLE Raising The Grade OTHER ARTICLES Hauling Medium, Hauling Large Is Smaller Better? Telematics: Making Knowledge Into Power Compacting For The Long Haul DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments White Paper Project Profile Training Ad Index Reader Profile: Kimo Clark ... READ MORE

July-August 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 16 / No.5 FEATURE ARTICLE Straight Scoop on Loaders OTHER ARTICLES Construction Goes Under Technology In Construction: Software For The Bottom Line Arkansas Smooth Mega-Project Concrete Tiering Up DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Safety Project Profile: Shoring On Schedule Project Profile: Keeping Void Rates Low Training Ad Index Reader Profile: David ... READ MORE

June 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 16 / No.4 FEATURE ARTICLE Scratching the Surface of Scrapers OTHER ARTICLES Less Weight…More Payload The Road to Rentals Software Set for Takeoff Close Contact Roads Built to Last DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Safety Project Profile: Upsizing Success Project Profile: Laying It Down To Last White Paper Ad Index Reader ... READ MORE

May 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 16 / No.3 FEATURE ARTICLE Not Your Father’s Backhoe Loader OTHER ARTICLES Technology In Construction: Winning Combinations Hitting the Hidden Mark Stay Visible, Stay Safe Making the First Move Fluids in the Field DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Safety Project Profile Training Ad Index Reader Profile ... READ MORE

March-April 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 16 / No.2 FEATURE ARTICLE Choosing the Right One for the Dig OTHER ARTICLES Grounding Experiences Technology In Construction: Digging Out More With What You’ve Got Compact Essentials Rigid Frame Versus Articulated Trucks Land Use Solution The Perfect Match? DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Ad Index Reader Profile ... READ MORE

January-February 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 16 / No.1 FEATURE ARTICLE Getting the Most Dozer for Your Dollar OTHER ARTICLES Efficient Production Means Safe Production Technology In Construction: Setting Up For Precision With GPS And Lasers Concrete Evidence Making the Right Call on Rentals DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Safety Project Profile Project Profile Project Profile Ad ... READ MORE

November-December 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 15 / No.7 FEATURE ARTICLE Versatility to Match the Job OTHER ARTICLES Technology in Construction: The Three GS of Digital Automation Digging Hard Rock for Water As Good As New Solving Problems Onsite with Geosynthetics DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Adding Tacos to Your Training Program Safety: An OSHA Visit: Union ... READ MORE

September-October 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 15 / No.6 FEATURE ARTICLE Trailers: Sorting Out the Options OTHER ARTICLES Technology in Construction: Long-Distance Control Vacuum Excavation Is Gaining Ground Utility Location Is Not a Crapshoot Building With the Basics DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Outfitting for Superior Performance Safety: Your Rights in Workers’ Compensation Cases White Paper: Who ... READ MORE

July-August 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 15 / No.5 FEATURE ARTICLE The Versatile Workhorse OTHER ARTICLES Technology in Construction: Any Prize You Like Shouldering the Load How Operating Leases Could Change Going to Extremes Asphalt Paving Options DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Grampaw Pettibone’s Law Safety: When OSHA Comes Calling Training: An Abundance of Riches White Paper: ... READ MORE

June 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 15 / No.4 FEATURE ARTICLE Carving Out New Ground OTHER ARTICLES Think Safety Before You Trench Technology in Construction: More Data in the Files, More Data on Demand New Angle(s) on Sediment Control Keeping It Clean Job-Site Riches DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Stormy Weather Safety: Artillery for Fighting Silicosis and ... READ MORE

May 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 15 / No.3 FEATURE ARTICLE More Work, Less Fuel OTHER ARTICLES Building Down Technology in Construction: Estimating the Advantage Getting the Most out of C&D Fine Grading Refined DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Changes in the Wind Safety: Safety In, Hazards Out Project Profile: Ingenious Solution Project Profile: Power of the ... READ MORE

March-April 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 15 / No.2 FEATURE ARTICLE Stronger Bases OTHER ARTICLES Unsung Heroes Technology in Construction:Rethinking Takeoff Software The Dirt on Scrapers Close Work at Malibu Learning the Limits of Risk DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Getting Your Technology Ducks in a Row Safety: Lifting With Care Project Profile: Going Full-Tilt Project Profile: ... READ MORE

January-February 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 15 / No.1 FEATURE ARTICLE At the Top of Their Game OTHER ARTICLES All in a Day’s Haul Technology in Construction:Linking Up Long-Lasting Solutions Breakers, Breakers No PM, No Production DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Ready or Not, It’s 2013 Safety: We’re Not Safe Enough Yet Project Profile: Packing a Twofold ... READ MORE

March-April 2012

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 14 / No.2 FEATURE ARTICLE Asphalt at Its Best OTHER ARTICLES Safety Doesn’t Trail Behind Hidden Treasure in Your Job-Site Debris Excavators Moving on the Upgrade Technology in Construction: Checking It Twice Load Up on Productivity DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Safety Project Profile: For West Virginia Contractor, Machine Control Is ... READ MORE

January-February 2012

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 14 / No.1 FEATURE ARTICLE Man and Machine: Why Contractors Bond With a Brand OTHER ARTICLES Paving: Is That Opportunity Knocking? Technology in Construction: High Tech on a Tight Budget Weighing Equipment Options Show Me the Savings Equipment Life Rewind: Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Safety Project Profile: ... READ MORE