Avoiding Backing Accidents: How Technology is Helping Drivers Avoid Tragedy

Waste collection fleet owners should have a serious look at their own trucks and evaluate the options to provide automatic backup braking to their drivers

Dear Waste Professional,

A backing accident happens much more than most trucking companies realize; although current insurance company estimates put the average repair cost at approximately $8,000 per incident, there is a darker and often more tragic cost when the object hit by a backing truck is a person. 500 people die and another 15,000 are injured every year from backing accidents.

How do experienced truck drivers suddenly find themselves involved in a collision or, worse yet, a personal injury backing accident?

This report, prepared by Todd Teal, Director of Operations at Global Sensor Systems, Inc.—a leader in technology to prevent backing accidents widely used throughout North America on industrial & commercial fleets—addresses how third-party technology can prevent accidents and save lives.

When you read Avoiding Backing Accidents: How Technology is Helping Drivers Avoid Tragedy” you will:

  • Discover why it’s important to limit the focused coverage area for waste removal trucks
  • Learn how the three critical factors of perception time, reaction time, and event distance are made moot by automatic backup braking
  • Understand how the increasing complexity of modern waste/recycling truck cabs adds to potential driver distractions

If any of these questions intrigue you—or if there’s anything about backing accident prevention you think you still have to learn—download this report now.

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Publisher, MSW Management