BIOMASS Waste First Then Fuel

Dear MSW Professional,

Biomass covers a wide range of organic plant-like matter and, depending on the viewpoint, is either waste material or a desirable fuel, but can also be both. When we speak of waste, we usually refer to man-made waste—unwanted or discarded matter.

Then there is also natural waste: biomass that is part of nature’s life cycle.

Biomass is a huge, and growing problem in MSW operations. So what are some realistic alternatives in dealing with biomass waste?

In this report you’ll learn:

  • The stunning statistics of biomass waste, and why MSW managers need to seriously reconsider how we deal with it
  • Why most biomass WTE plants collapse, even though many were supported by taxpayer money
  • How high-tech air curtain firebox machines have been found to be environmentally friendly

Biomass waste, accumulating from natural occurrences and man-made activities, must receive equal attention, first as a waste and then as a possible fuel for energy extraction or repurposing into biodegradable material to replace plastics. Read about it now in this informative special report.

Sincerely yours,

MSW Management