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GOC Technologies manufactures and sells QuikAir and QuikSoil products for immediate relief from odor problems. QuikAir products are available for vapor and misting systems. QuikSoil products are for direct topical and incorporation applications to solid and liquid surfaces. Products are available for garbage odors, landfill gas odors, leachate odors, and biosolids odors. All products are non-hazardous and personnel and environmentally friendly.

Hallco’s Live Floors System specifically addresses leachate problems. The Hallco raised subdeck allows our OEMs and dealers to have a continuous floor pan from sidewall to sidewall within the trailers walls. The raised subdeck is installed on top of the floor pan without penetrating the leak-proof pan within the trailer. Combined with the Hallco “W” Floor, the system is one of the most robust moving floors in the waste hauling industry. This system creates one of the most effective deterrents to combat the leachate problem in transfer trailers.

Stop by our Booth #404 at WasteCon, August 20–23,  Gaylord Opryland, Nashville.

Our Horizon Landfill Tippers are designed to be easily towed over the road to your site. Utilizing the Portable Low Profile Landfill Tipper model at your facility can save you as much as $100,000 in operating costs within your first year alone. A 15- to 20-year average operating lifespan translates into millions of dollars of additional profit over the life of the unit. With the capability of dumping 10–12 trailers per hour, and an average of 2 tons per trailer more over self-unloading trailers, you will generate more profit per load. Each Trailer Tipper is custom-designed to be versatile.

Worthington is North America’s premier value-added steel processor and a global leader in manufacturing pressure cylinders for industrial gas and cryogenic applications, CNG and LNG storage, transportation, and alternative fuel tanks.

Replacing an existing design, the next-generation Top of Body CNG fuel system from Worthington is designed for refuse vehicles. With multiple mounting bracket options, the fuel system is compatible with a variety of different body and chassis designs. The system advancements deliver a simplified design that weighs less than the former product while offering greater cylinder protection.

Stop by our Booth #725 at WasteCon, August 20–22, 2018 at the Gaylord Opryland, Nashville.

Brown Bear Corporation has introduced its latest compost aerator attachments for wheel and track loaders: models SC4912E and SC4914E. Mix and aerate compost windrows of organic yard waste, green waste, and food waste; dry wastewater and potable water sludges quickly and efficiently for daily cover or cell closure cover.

The aerators are quickly attachable to both wheel and track type loaders utilizing a quick coupler system. The aerators are powered with a Tier 4F Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine, rated at 190 hp and controlled via radio controls remotely mounted in the loader cabin.

Easily Move Dumpsters with Power Pusher’s Dumpster Mover!

Power Pusher’s Dumpster Mover enables a single person to maneuver 500–6,000 pounds fast and effortlessly with total control. The battery-powered tug improves operator safety and productivity, replacing more costly solutions. It’s a safe, clean solution for bulk material handling allowing transport of virtually anything that rolls with a wide range of attachments available.

• Super Pusher Dumpster Mover—comparable size with all the same great features plus solid rubber forklift tires in a 20,000-pound capacity machine

• Dumpster Mover Lite—for dumpsters under 800 pounds

A new line of radial Galaxy tires from Alliance Tire Group Inc. (ATG) brings rugged radial construction to dozers, loaders, and dump trucks. Now waste management professionals can choose >among radial, bias-ply, and solid options for the ideal Galaxy tire to meet their needs.

The flexible sidewalls of radial tires create a larger, more even footprint for better traction, less rolling resistance, and greater fuel efficiency. Special compounds, body plies, and construction reduce heat buildup and tread wear, resulting in significantly longer service life. And Galaxy’s innovative stepped lugs improve traction with more biting edges while extending tread life.


ClearSpan now offers a new time-saving product line of Pre-Engineered Buildings. Customers looking to install a building this winter can complete their projects at a faster pace. The Pre-Engineered Buildings are available in 65-feet-wide ClearSpan Round HD Buildings, as well as 73-feet-wide or 100-feet-wide ClearSpan Gable HD Buildings. These buildings can meet just about any application across many industries.

For more information on ClearSpan’s Pre-Engineered Line, visit our website listed below.

Stop by our WasteCon Booth #225, Aug 20–23, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN, AND PW Booth #2242, Aug 26–29, Kansas City Convention Center.

Peterson Pacific Corp is debuting the all-new Peterson 4710D horizontal grinder at the 2017 ConExpo-Con/Agg show in Las Vegas, NV.

The 4710D is designed for high-volume producers with very demanding end-product specifications. The 4710D is powered by a Tier IV Caterpillar C18 engine rated at 755 horsepower (563 kW). A Tier II, 765 hp (570 kW) engine is also available.

The mid-size 4710D completes the range of four “D” models of Peterson horizontal grinders with Tier 4 engines options and industry leading features and customer benefits. The 47 series has been Peterson’s most popular model since it was first introduced in 2004.

Building on more than 40 years of articulated dump truck (ADT) experience, Doosan Infracore North America LLC announces a series of enhancements to its DA30-5 ADT. A new version of the Doosan DA30-5 includes numerous updates to the truck’s performance, operator comfort, controllability of the machine, ease of maintenance, and fuel efficiency, reinforcing Doosan as an industry leader in the ADT market.

A significant development in the DA30-5 ADT is a new front suspension. The front suspension has been updated to a hydro-gas, self-leveling system to provide superior performance and greater shock absorption. Combined, these suspension system features allow for better driving comfort.

At the recent ISRI conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, NV, Mack Manufacturing, a leading supplier of premium grade industrial grapples and buckets, introduced a new mag-grab as the latest addition to its product line for the scrap-handling industry.

The combination four-tine grapple and lifting magnet are offered in 1-yard, 1.5-yard, and 2-yard models. The 2-yard grab is fitted with a 44-inch lifting magnet, while the smaller models feature 40-inch magnets.

Mag-grabs typically are used to improve load retention when lifting fine material or to let operators “sweep” the work area clear of ferrous debris during loading operations.

Kissimmee Florida is the first US city to deploy Underground Solid Waste containment and collection system to save space and increase recycling in their newly redeveloped downtown. This system is cleaner, greener, healthier, and safer. Both animals and humans cannot get into the trash any longer with this system. Underground Refuse Systems has the exclusive US license for the system, and in 2018 will start manufacturing system components in the US. Go to our website listed below to learn how you can improve quality of life in your community using superior solid waste technology.


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