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The Modular Wetlands System Linear is Bio Clean’s flagship biofiltration product and represents a pioneering breakthrough in stormwater treatment. The MWS Linear continues to outperform other treatment methods with superior pollutant removal for TSS, heavy metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, and bacteria. With its advanced pretreatment chamber and innovative horizontal flow biofilter, the MWS Linear is able to effectively remove pollutants through a combination for physical, chemical, and biological filtration processes. With the same biological processes found in natural wetlands, the MWS Linear harnesses nature’s ability to process, transform, and remove even the most harmful pollutants. TAPE GULD Certified.

AP/M Permaform’s CentriPipe is the centrifugally cast concrete pipe solution for cost-effective trenchless rehabilitation of deteriorated round, arched, and elliptical CMP, brick, and RCP storm and sanitary sewer pipes. Our patented bidirectional spin-caster and specially designed fine aggregate composite concrete ensure the longest lasting, highest quality rehabilitation results. CentriPipe is approved, installed, and trusted by DOTs and municipalities for proven, cost-effective, structural culvert lining. For more information, visit us online.

Clear Creek Solutions (CCS) has added the new CULTEC element to all of their WWHM based stormwater software programs to represent the Contactor and Recharger Series chambers retention and detention storage systems by CULTEC. The CULTEC element is an option the user can select whether or not infiltration is allowed. WWHM software routes the computed stormwater runoff through the CULTEC facility using an outlet control of the user’s choice. Users can manually select the number of CULTEC chambers or use the automated sizing option to determine the number of CULTEC chambers needed to meet flow control requirements with the smallest possible stormwater storage volume.

If rooftop stormwater runoff and the pollutant load it carries are a concern at your site, CleanWay Downspout Filtration Systems can help you meet your water quality goals. Our downspout filters are self-contained, compact units that are easy to install and maintain. They also feature a ready-access sampling port to test water quality and verify regulatory compliance.


The BMP SNOUT stormwater quality improvement system, with accessories like the Bio-Skirt and TrashScreen, provides affordable structural solutions to help with today’s low impact development (LID) requirements. The SNOUT, a vented catch basin hood or trap, offers reductions in gross pollutants such as floatables and trash, as well as free oils and sediment. The Bio-Skirt more effectively captures and retains hydrocarbons and is treated with an antimicrobial to inhibit bacteria growth on the boom. The stainless TrashScreen offers the highest level of gross pollutant removal including “Full Trash Capture” designation. Made in the USA.

Existing ARS storm drain gate systems rely on a locking system that releases when the runoff water level rises. The gate will fail to open if covered by debris, causing flooding, and many times fail to close properly, defeating the intended purpose of keeping debris out.

The patented HYDRA Blades independently open as the water volume increases and close when the runoff subsides. City of Los Angeles Certified at 92.7% effective. See HYDRA’s low cost, low maintenance, easy installation design at our website listed below.

Stormwater management and underground retention/detention storage is increasingly critical as regulations become more stringent and land values continue to increase. Prinsco’s underground retention/detention systems can be designed utilizing HydroStor stormwater chambers and/or GOLDFLO WT, GOLDFLO, or ECOFLO 100 to effectively manage and store stormwater runoff. See our complete line of stormwater detention/retention, parking lot drainage, stormwater treatment, culverts, and water re-use products on our site listed below.

The StormTreat System is now available with a linear configuration (24 by 3 feet), simplifying site designs and installations. It is manufactured of HDPE and is installed in shallow (4-foot depth) excavations. The StormTreat System has completed a two-year Performance Evaluation Report at the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center (with demonstrated high removal of TSS, pathogens, and phosphorus) and has received an Environmental Innovator Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The newly designed product incorporates an optional internal irrigation system operated by available onsite AC power or with an integrated solar panel.

Soil Retention Products Inc., the leading provider of plantable concrete systems, just launched its newest product: Drivable Turf. This pre-cut artificial turf solution fits to Soil Retention’s permeable, flexible concrete pavement system, Drivable Grass. Drivable Turf comes in 4-by-4-foot sections and fits perfectly into the void spaces of Drivable Grass. The turf is easily installed in combination with Drivable Grass without the need to measure, cut, and space. Drivable Turf is a win-win for contractors looking to reduce hours and labor costs yet still provide a low-maintenance greenscape solution for a permeable pavement system for walkways, pathways, driveways, and more.



Rain Water Solutions works with over 80 communities across the country to provide the high-quality, 50-gallon Ivy rain barrel to its citizens at a discounted price. The Ivy rain barrel is a great educational outreach tool to help promote water conservation and water quality.



The Jumbo Combo features a 5,250 CFM 27-inch Hg blower, the most powerful in the industry. It is ideally suited for large-diameter pipe cleaning jobs that smaller water pumps and vacuum systems would not be able to complete effectively or efficiently. The water pump on the Jumbo Combo works at up to 150 GPM. The Jumbo Combo also features boiler plate steel debris tanks that carry a lifetime warranty and a transfer case drive that is simple, reliable, and powerful.

Strong-Seal Geopolymer is a cost-effective, specially formulated, fiber-reinforced mortar and is the sustainable solution for structural fatigue and corrosion in stormwater pipes. Strong-Seal Geopolymer can be centrifugally cast using the Strong-Seal Systems mixer, pump, and spinner. It may also be sprayed manually. Extensive research and development, ongoing laboratory testing, and nationwide service are just a few of the advantages that make the Strong-Seal Geopolymer System the right solution for stormwater infrastructure rehabilitation.


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