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The Modular Wetlands System Linear is Bio Clean’s flagship biofiltration product and represents a pioneering breakthrough in stormwater treatment. The MWS Linear continues to outperform other treatment methods with superior pollutant removal for TSS, heavy metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, and bacteria. With its advanced pretreatment chamber and innovative horizontal flow biofilter, the MWS Linear is able to effectively remove pollutants through a combination for physical, chemical, and biological filtration processes. With the same biological processes found in natural wetlands, the MWS Linear harnesses nature’s ability to process, transform, and remove even the most harmful pollutants. TAPE GULD Certified.

Beemats floating treatment wetlands are managed aquatic plant systems. They are portable and adaptable to any body of water. They take bioavailable nutrients from the water column and incorporate them at predictable rates into harvestable aquatic plant biomass. They provide nutrient removal accountability through direct measurement of biomass harvest and analysis of nitrogen and phosphorus composition. The plants, with roots suspended in the water, compete for nutrients with algae and other nuisance weeds. They provide an oxygen-rich environment under the islands for juvenile fish and invertebrates, and are popular with wading birds and turtles.

Flex-Seal Utility Sealant is a state-of-the-art plural component aromatic urethane with an incredible 800% elongation and a tensile strength of 3200 psi. Flex-Seal is designed to prevent inflow/infiltration and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section. Flex-Seal Utility Sealant provides an excellent seal, and it will pass a vacuum test according to ASTM standards. The internal seal is manually applied using a paintbrush for a custom fit on any style manhole or catch basin.

The CULTEC Separator Row has received environmental technology verification. Globe Performance Solutions has verified the performance of the CULTEC Separator Row Filtration System in accordance with ISO 14034:2016 Environmental management – Environmental technology verification (ETV). When installed with CULTEC No. 410 and CULTEC No. 4800 geotextiles, the CULTEC Separator Row will remove at least 80% of suspended sediment at a flow rate of 24 gpm. Sediment is trapped within the Separator Row and may be removed through back flushing of this row.

As regulatory demands around infiltration and groundwater recharge continue to escalate, Prinsco’s Hydrostor stormwater chambers provide a strategic, high-performance option for your next stormwater management project. Hydrostor systems have minimum environmental impact and are available in two sizes. The HS75 and HS180 offer installed stormwater storage of 75 cubic feet and 180 cubic feet respectively. Systems are highly customizable and install quickly using interlocking connections designed right into the product. More information about Hydrostor, including design tools, is available at our website, listed below. Stop by our Booth #27 at CASQA, October 15–16, 2018, at Riverside Convention Center.

CloudCompli makes it easy for Phase I and II MS4s to remain ahead of the curve. Our platform turns raw data, such as inspections, sampling, and investigations, into comprehensible dashboards, analytics, and reports. We replace redundant paper-based forms with streamlined, intuitive, and automated processes. At the cutting edge of stormwater management, CloudCompli handles all aspects of compliance requirements, including inspections, illicit discharge detection and elimination, outfall monitoring, water sampling, public education tracking, and annual reporting. CloudCompli offers you an intuitive and elegant compliance solution that saves time and money, reduces risk, and provides visibility to affect real environmental change.

If rooftop stormwater runoff and the pollutant load it carries are a concern at your site, CleanWay Downspout Filtration Systems can help you meet your water-quality goals. Our downspout filters are self-contained, compact units that are easy to install and maintain. They also feature a ready-access sampling port to test water quality and verify regulatory compliance.

The PaveDrain system is a patented, permeable paving surface designed with the joints between the blocks left open for an unprecedented infiltration rate (i.e., no rocks). Maintenance is accomplished with conventional street vacuuming equipment or the PaveDrain Vac Head. PaveDrain is ADA Compliant, HS-25 load rated, manufactured throughout the US, and is available in colors. What does your pavement do for you?

Claros, the Water Intelligence System from Hach, represents a leap forward in digital technologies for the water industry, offering a suite of software-assisted solutions to help plant operators optimize their facilities, save money, and stay in compliance. Claros provides guided insights into three critical areas: instrument, data, and process management. Claros allows data to drive decisions so operators and managers see the big picture of their plant, and have confidence in the many decisions they make. With changing regulations, rising energy costs, and the ever-present drive to optimize, operators need a solution to make sure their plants run smoothly. Claros is that solution.

The SP360 is Precon’s patented, unique low impact development (LID) retention best management practice (BMP) for stormwater management. It is designed to reduce the potential for downstream flooding, recharge groundwater basins where feasible, and reduce the likelihood of combined sewer overflows (CSOs). The SP360 provides the engineer with a new tool to meet the goals of the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) for detention, retention, infiltration, and harvesting of stormwater. With over 50 years of experience producing precast concrete for civil infrastructure, Precon Products is a leading expert in manufacturing concrete stormwater structures.

Infrastructure access solutions provider EJ has announced the release of the STORMSURGE Access Assembly—an innovative manhole cover assembly that allows water to flow during major rain and flooding, but the cover remains attached so it properly seats itself after the event. The water pressure of overloaded city storm/sewer systems can become so powerful that it can dislodge manhole covers. These empty holes create a life-threatening hazard for both motorists and pedestrians, making this issue a major concern for municipalities. Many cities in the Americas face devastating effects of flooding from major storms—and the STORMSURGE Access Assembly is the solution.

HydroLogic Solution’s StormChamber systems are highly cost effective for control of stormwater runoff, peak flow attenuation, sediment control, nutrient and pollutant removal, and stormwater conveyance. One row of 34-inch StormChambers provides conveyance capacity approximately equivalent to 42-inch pipe; 52-inch pipe with our 44-inch StormChambers. StormChamber systems are less expensive and easier and quicker to maintain than other types of underground systems.

Flexible, durable, and impermeable to most chemicals and liquids, Plastatech Industrial Grade (IG) geomembrane helps you contain and control materials, runoff, chemicals, and spills. It is formulated to withstand UV exposure, atmospheric pollutants, and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial settings. Plastatech IG was developed for applications such as landfills, canals, ponds, wastewater, and other secondary containment purposes. This geomembrane offers excellent lay-flat characteristics and meets PGI-1104 and ASTM D7176 requirements. It is available in 10-, 20-, and 30-mil thicknesses. Standard colors are gray and black with additional colors available upon request.

At Ernst Conservation Seeds, we grow, process, and sell hundreds of species of native and naturalized seeds and live plant materials for ecological restoration, sustainable landscaping, reclamation, wetlands, and natural resources conservation. Native plants are vitally important to ecological restoration, and are increasingly seen as the best choice for use in almost every scenario. Our steadfast commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and advising them on the best solutions has been at the heart of our mission for over 50 years. 

Soil Retention Products Inc., the leading provider of plantable concrete systems, just launched its newest product: Drivable Turf. This pre-cut artificial turf solution fits to Soil Retention’s permeable, flexible concrete pavement system, Drivable Grass. Drivable Turf comes in 4-by-4-foot sections and fits perfectly into the void spaces of Drivable Grass. The turf is easily installed in combination with Drivable Grass without the need to measure, cut, and space. Drivable Turf is a win-win for contractors looking to reduce hours and labor costs yet still provide a low-maintenance greenscape solution for a permeable pavement system for walkways, pathways, driveways, and more.

HP Storm is a high-performance polypropylene pipe for gravity-flow storm drainage applications. HP Storm is the perfect choice when premium joint performance and/or greater pipe stiffness is required. HP Storm couples advanced polypropylene resin technology with a dual-wall profile design for superior performance and durability. HP Storm pipe has an extended bell that adds an additional factor of safety. This innovative product meets or exceeds typical standards for pipe stiffness and joint integrity and meets ASTM F2881 and AASHTO M330. HP Storm pipe is approved for use by the Army Corps of Engineers and the FAA.

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