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Energy suppliers sell electricity from generation to the end-use consumer. This is the fourth step in the electricity delivery process: after generation other main processes are transmission and distribution.

Fronius Installs Inverters in a Former Nuclear Power Plant

Fronius Installs Inverters in a Former Nuclear Power Plant

Fronius, the global quality leader for solar energy, has carried out a very special project in Zwentendorf, Austria: a photovoltaic system has been installed on the site of a former nuclear power plant (NPP). Where once nuclear energy was to be produced, today clean, safe energy is generated from natural

A Second Life for Used Batteries

Hamburg/Munich/Stuttgart – What should be done with still-usable batteries at the end of their life cycle in electric vehicles? The Battery 2nd Life project organized by Vattenfall, BMW and Bosch merges them into a large storage facility in Hamburg, Germany, to keep the electricity grid stable.

Storage stabilizes the electricity grid

Supply and Demand

Managing peak load is one of the most critical drivers in the utility industry today, despite slowed economic activity and correspondingly flatter load growth. But because of additional challenges like the need to cut carbon emissions, the increase in fuel and construction costs and the long lead time for planning

Editor’s Comments: Keeping It Local

As I’ve stated before-I’m optimistic that future national energy policies will provide opportunities for an expansion of onsite power systems. And as long as “efficiency” continues to be the watchword, distributed systems will continue to march towards mainstream acceptance and implementation. When distributed energy systems partner with smart grid technologies,

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