Resource Recovery

| As water becomes increasingly precious, the nutrients, metals, and energy contained in wastewater also become more valuable. In fact, many believe that their extraction and commoditization could provide municipalities with an additional revenue stream. Researchers are working to refine resource recovery methods while encouraging utilities to view wastewater as an asset. In the US, wastewater ... READ MORE

I Love the Rain

| A good stretch of my life was spent living in Seattle, WA, and we loved it. We moved there for my growing career. My son was born there. We loved the city and the rural beauty surrounding the city. The one thing I hated was the constant rain. Using my “inside voice” I would complain ... READ MORE

Living Daylights

| A great many rivers and streams in the US have been, over the last 150 years, confined within channels or buried altogether to keep them tame and allow development to proceed around them. In the last 20 years or so, the trend has somewhat reversed; we’ve realized that these concrete channels don’t allow for infiltration ... READ MORE

A Charging Challenge

| I learned this week that actor Daniel Craig will drive an electric Aston Martin in his final Bond film, slated for release next year. The car, a Rapide E, features a 65.0-kWh battery pack, a range of 200 miles, and two electric motors that generate more than 600 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque, according ... READ MORE

The Deposit System

| Years ago when I was in my early teens, I used to take care of all the used soda bottles and cans in our house. Back then in Michigan, we used to get 10 cents for every returnable bottle or can. In the summer, there used to be a yearly golf tournament near us and ... READ MORE

Going to the Dogs

| If you own a business or manage any part of one, chances are you at least occasionally need to interview and hire employees. The erosion control, landscaping, and construction industries often have a need for seasonal help, so you might even be doing it regularly at certain times of the year. How comfortable you are ... READ MORE

Dominoes Falling

| I’m going to admit this to only you. Every now and then I like to go on YouTube and watch videos of falling dominoes. There’s something about the lengthy precision involved in setting them up and then seeing them fall. You probably know that some of these falling dominoes displays even reveal surprising pictures as ... READ MORE


| Increasing automation is met with excitement and fear in equal measure. But the benefits for mankind of autonomy are enormous, says Professor Paul Newman, Co-Founder of autonomous vehicle software company Oxbotica, and a professor based at Oxford University in the UK. Professor Paul Newman is Co-Founder of Oxbotica, the autonomous vehicles software company, as well ... READ MORE


| Increasing automation is met with excitement and fear in equal measure. But the benefits for mankind of autonomy are enormous, says Professor Paul Newman, Co-Founder of autonomous vehicle software company Oxbotica, and a professor based at Oxford University in the UK. Professor Paul Newman is Co-Founder of Oxbotica, the autonomous vehicles software company, as well ... READ MORE

Statement from EPA Water Chief on World Water Day

| WASHINGTON (March 22, 2019) — Today, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Water Assistant Administrator David Ross released the following statement on World Water Day: Today we celebrate World Water Day. It is a day when people around the world take time to think about and appreciate the significance of water in our lives. ... READ MORE

Reader Profile: Rifka Malik

| The construction industry as a whole, and the civil and heavy highway sector in particular, is a challenging environment to say the least, says Rifka Malik, president of the New York-based Sitework Estimating Services. “Providing the necessary infrastructure our society is dependent upon for a good quality of life while protecting the environment—which needs to ... READ MORE

Advertiser’s Index

|   Aqua Dam Inc . Bowie Industries Inc Dietz Hydroseeding Ernst Conservation Seeds Erosion Supply Company Filtrexx International LLC FINN Corporation Genesis Nursery Inc HydroStraw LLC Invisible Structures Inc J.W. Faircloth & Son Inc Kuhn North America Maccaferri Inc . MWI Environmental ... READ MORE


|   Williams Form Williams Grade 150 KSI All-Thread Bars, Grade 75 All-Thread Bars, Geo-Drill Injection Anchors, and 270 KSI low relaxation strand have been successfully used as prestressed ground anchors for a wide variety of civil engineering applications. Bonded deep into the ground using cementitious grout, these anchors transfer necessary forces to prevent walls from ... READ MORE

Estimating Parameters for an Effective Sediment Basin/Trap

| The only best management practice (BMP) that creates optimal conditions for removing significant amounts of sediment from runoff waters is a properly designed, installed, and maintained sediment basin or trap (Figure 1). Also known as sediment containment systems (SCSs), these designed structures have the potential to remove 75% or more of the suspended solids found ... READ MORE

A Plan for Vegetation Management

| Everyone knows that established vegetation is one of the best stormwater management and erosion control tools that can be found. Nothing beats vegetation for slowing water flow, cleaning pollutants, and keeping sediment out of streams. But sometimes, the vegetation itself becomes the problem. Thick, heavy vegetation can block views along highways, clog up detention ponds ... READ MORE

Causes and Remedies for Coastal Erosion

| A Sea Change on the Bays and Beaches Carbon doesn’t exactly make the world go round, but it is what makes it all hum. For billions of years, carbon-hydrogen bonds have captured, stored, and transferred the energy radiated by the sun to be used as the basis for biological life. However, exposed to flame or ... READ MORE

Stabilizing Water Channels

| On some erosion control projects, “soft-armor” methods like willow stakes and coir logs aren’t strong enough on their own to control the forces of water. An example of such a project might be one that is undertaken to stabilize a channel. The velocity of water when it flows within the relatively narrow confines of a ... READ MORE

Containing Contaminants

| Damming for Charity For the last 37 years, the small town of DePue, IL, has been home to the DePue Men’s Club, a nonprofit organization focused on community leadership. With emphasis on helping local charitable organizations, the club is widely recognized for donating and sponsoring local events in DePue and ­surrounding cities in the Illinois ... READ MORE

Editor’s Comments: Against the Grain

| The western US has had more than its share of wildfires in the last few years. They’ve set records for sheer size and have caused unprecedented damage, virtually destroying entire towns. The aftereffects—erosion and landslides—are also expensive and deadly. A new report suggests a large-scale plan to prevent fires in 35 high-risk zones in California, ... READ MORE

Banyan Water Announces 3 Billion Gallons of Water Savings, Detected Hundreds of Leaks in 2018

| AUSTIN, Texas (March 20, 2019)— Banyan Water, the leading provider of total water management software, today released its comprehensive leak detection analysis for 2018 following a record-breaking water savings milestone. The company has saved more than 3 billion gallons of water for enterprises since its inception. Banyan Water’s total water management platform, Banyan Water Central, ... READ MORE

Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) Recognizes Excellence with Annual Awards

| March 21, 2019 – During its annual spring meeting, the Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG), the leading source of global expertise for energy systems integration and operations, announced the winners of its 2019 Excellence Awards. These awards recognize energy professionals from around the world for their contributions and accomplishments toward the planning and operation of ... READ MORE

New Sinamics G120X Drive Series Specializes in Infrastructure Pump, Fan, and Compressor Applications

| With power range from 1–700 hp (0.75–630 kW), Sinamics G120X is optimized for pump, fan and compressor applications Siemens is introducing the new Sinamics G120X drive, a simple, seamless and easy-to-use drive, designed for use in pump, fan and compressor applications in industries such as water/wastewater, HVAC/R, irrigation/agriculture and in industrial environments. Sinamics G120X has ... READ MORE

UA Engineers Use $1.2M Grant to Make Drinking Water Safer

| TUCSON, Ariz. — For decades, manmade chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, were used in everything from carpets to frying pans to firefighting chemicals for their ability to repel water and oil. That was before a wide array of negative health effects ranging from cancer and low birth weights to effects on ... READ MORE

World Water Day 2019: Sensus Extends Xylem Watermark Program Invitation

| Sensus Reach 2019 conference offers attendees an opportunity to make a difference RALEIGH, N.C. (March 19, 2019) – Here are the facts. The world is facing unprecedented water challenges brought on by population growth, urbanization and shrinking fresh water supplies. Millions of people lack access to clean drinking water. As countries around the globe observe ... READ MORE

Yuba Water Agency Selects Dispersive Networks to Connect Renewable Energy Assets

| Dispersive Networks is using mission-critical programmable networking to provide ultra-secure, real-time and high-performance data transport between Yuba and the Regional ISO ALPHARETTA, Ga. and MARYSVILLE, Calif., March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dispersive Networks, a provider of programmable networking for mission-critical solutions, was selected by Yuba Water Agency (YWA), which owns and operates the fifth-tallest dam ... READ MORE

Nevada Business Leaders: Move Quickly to Raise the RPS

| Businesses and organizations committed to advancing Nevada’s clean energy economy applaud the introduction of Senate Bill 358 by Senator Chris Brooks, which will raise the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50 percent by 2030. They encourage the Legislature to move quickly to pass the legislation, which Governor Sisolak has indicated he will sign. Senate Bill ... READ MORE

The Original Wind Lidar, Now Available from NRG Systems

| The Company Adds ZX 300 and ZX 300M to Its Remote Sensing Offerings March 19, 2019, Hinesburg, Vermont, USA – NRG Systems, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of smart technologies for a range of wind, solar, and meteorological applications, has announced that it will now sell and support ZX Lidars in North America. This will ... READ MORE

1-to-3 Power Source™ Generates 3-Phase Power from Single Phase Input Unique Technology available in 50, 75 and 100 HP Configurations

| (Cincinnati, OH) – Single Phase Power Solutions introduces the 1-to-3 Power Source™ features a BELLE™ Motor which uses Written-Pole® technology to deliver three-phase power from single-phase utility service.  This revolutionary approach eliminates the high fuel and maintenance costs, and the pollution of fossil-fuel-powered Gen-Sets, while delivering superior power quality to that of a conventional phase ... READ MORE

B2W Software Unveils New ONE Platform Product Capabilities at 2019 User Conference

| Materials Management Module for B2W Schedule, Offline Mode for B2W Inform and Field Log Enhancements Highlight Recent Developments Portsmouth, NH – March 18, 2019 — B2W Software, a leading provider of heavy construction management software, unveiled key product developments to extend the advantages of its unified ONE Platform during the company’s annual User Conference in San ... READ MORE

CASE Announces Fourth-Annual Dire States Equipment Grant

| CASE Construction Equipment has issued the call for entries for the 2019 Dire States Equipment Grant. Submissions can be made at The 2019 entry deadline is March 31, 2019, and the winner will be announced in April 2019. Originally launched in 2016, the Dire States Grant provides one winning community with $25,000 in free ... READ MORE

Panasonic Solar and Enphase Energy Announce Availability Date of High-Efficiency AC Modules

| Panasonic’s N330E HIT® AC Series Modules featuring the Enphase IQ 7X™ Microinverter available for solar installation companies in late March NEWARK, N.J., March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America and Enphase Energy, Inc.(NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy technology company and the world’s leading supplier of solar microinverters, today announced that the new Panasonic AC Series Photovoltaic (PV) HIT® ... READ MORE

Nestlé and Veolia Join Forces to Tackle Leakage into the Environment and Develop Recycling Schemes

| Nestlé and Veolia, the world’s leading resource management company, today announced their collaboration to work on waste collection, sorting and recycling of plastic material, with an emphasis on flexible plastic packaging. Projects will focus on eleven priority countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. The partnership will also explore technologies to establish viable models of recycling ... READ MORE

Wholesale Food Distributor Composts Solid Food Waste Into Drain-Safe Waste Water on Site

| BROOKLYN, NY—Jersey Lynne Farms, a 49-year-old, family-owned wholesale food distributor in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, carries 1500-1800 items, including milk, eggs, butter, frozen foods, and other perishables. Delivering to independent supermarkets and mom-and-pop grocery stores and bodegas, Jersey Lynne serves diversified customers including Spanish, Russian, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Caribbean groceries. The company delivers ... READ MORE

Doosan Portable Power Introduces G400WCU-T4F Mobile Generator

| Doosan Portable Power has added the G400WCU-T4F mobile generator to its product line. The range-topping G400 model is the most powerful generator in the Doosan line, with a prime power rating of 402 kVA (322 kW), packaged in a compact footprint to meet a broad range of applications. Powered by a Tier 4-Final Cummins QSG12, ... READ MORE

Eaton 5P lithium-ion UPS enhances business continuity for distributed IT and edge computing environments

| RALEIGH, N.C. … Power management company Eaton today announced the North American launch of its 5P rackmount lithium-ion uninterruptible power system (UPS). Building on the best-in-class reliability of the Eaton 5P UPS platform with new lithium-ion battery technology, the 5P lithium-ion UPS provides a dependable, integrated solution with enhanced network security, extended battery life and remote management ... READ MORE

CleanSpark announces progress on leading edge Microgrid projects, products, and technology

| CleanSpark has made progress on leading edge Microgrid projects, products, and technology, recently: It’s scheduled to complete its $900,000 contract with Bethel-Webcor JV by the end of March, completing a ‘turn-key advanced microgrid system’ at the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. The contract has been in direct support of the United States Department of Navy’s Communication Information System (CIS) ... READ MORE


| Error in 2017 Legislation Set Timeline at 39 Years, Forcing Many Property Owners to Delay or Reconsider Planned Improvements and Putting Future Demand for Construction At Risk The chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America, Stephen E. Sandherr, released the following statement in support of the new, bipartisan, Restoring Investment in Improvements ... READ MORE

Interwoven Systems

| The water-energy nexus is often discussed relative to opportunities for efficiency that exist at the interface of energy and water systems. Energy is necessary to treat and distribute water, and water is crucial for producing energy. However, as it turns out, this interdependence can also lead to crisis if one system fails. This week, as ... READ MORE


| Can Be Powered Via Tiltrotator – Result is Improved Efficiency and Greater Safety Strömsund, Sweden, March 13, 2019 – Engcon announces that it will launch a series of entirely new low-flow compactors that can be powered by tiltrotators in 2019. Engcon is the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotators – a kind of tilting and rotating ... READ MORE

Peterson Manufacturing’s Cory Adams named Vice President of Engineering

| GRANDVIEW, MO (March 2019) — Peterson Manufacturing, a global leader in vehicle safety lighting technology and related equipment, is pleased to announce that Cory Adams has been named as Vice President of Engineering effective January 1, 2019. He was also elected as the newest member of Peterson’s Board of Directors. Adams heads Peterson’s 15-member engineering ... READ MORE

Bring Your Own Bottle

| My immigrant grandmother used to describe for me the little general store her father owned in their small town in the early years of the last century. Dry goods—flour, sugar, rice—and dried fruits like raisins were kept in bins or barrels. Customers scooped as much as they wanted into a paper bag, weighed it, and ... READ MORE

Lessons Learned

| I like to think of myself as the kind of person who learns certain things through actual hands-on experience. I typically make some mistakes, the memory of which prevents me from repeating those errors. But there are times in which all I need to remember a lesson is a picture or video of someone else ... READ MORE

Rotochopper Announces the Appointment of New CEO, Tosh Brinkerhoff

| St. Martin, MN – March 4, 2019 – Rotochopper, Inc. announced today the appointment of Tosh Brinkerhoff as the company’s next chief executive officer, effective immediately. Brinkerhoff has more than 20 years of industry leadership experience with an impressive track record in heavy equipment manufacturing. “Tosh’s personal values, supportive family, collaborative leadership style, professional management ... READ MORE

Siemens Introduces New Compact Modular Recloser

| The new Siemens Compact Modular Recloser (CMR) is a cost-effective, reduced-maintenance alternative to single-phase, oil-filled reclosers. Fully rated, lightweight, configurable, and compliant to IEEE C37.60, the CMR is rated for 630 A continuous current with four shots to lockout. It integrates the switch unit, control, and voltage power source into a single-insulated epoxy housing, for ... READ MORE

IWSH Announces Two New International Volunteering Opportunities to Mark World Plumbing Day 2019

| In celebration of World Plumbing Day 2019 — a day that recognizes the vital role plumbing plays in protecting public health and improving amenity — the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH), has announced two new project assignments that are now open for interested volunteer and sponsorship applications. The first project announcement represents another ... READ MORE

Imaginary Cities

| SimCity turns 30 years old this year. The video game, which allows players to start from scratch and develop their own metropolis, has influenced a generation of urban planners and designers. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without SimCity,” says one young professional in this Los Angeles Times article. She now works for the ... READ MORE

Trouble in Slow Motion

| People living along the San Andreas Fault in California—and, for that matter, people living very far away from it—have long kept a wary eye out for any sort of seismic activity, always anticipating The Big One. It turns out they may have been waiting for the wrong thing. There is definitely something going on here, ... READ MORE

Applying Nuclear Science to Erosion

| Several countries in Africa are using an unusual technology to assess and prevent erosion and sedimentation: gamma spectroscopy. Gamma spectroscopy is often used to detect nuclear contamination, such as the fallout from the accident at the Fukushima nuclear reactor or waste from nuclear fuel. I had not been aware of its use for gauging erosion, ... READ MORE

State Water Board Funds to Be Used for Vital Erosion Control After Record-Setting Mendocino Complex Fire

| SACRAMENTO — With erosion threats to Clear Lake looming following the largest wildfire in California history, the State Water Board and Lake County Resource Conservation District (RCD) are poised to jump-start native plant restoration and limit the environmental damage. The State Water Board’s $605,000 grant will pay for erosion control work in strategic locations within ... READ MORE

Now Entering the Watershed

| Every once in a while, we run across results of a survey of local residents—often performed as part of the public outreach and education effort for a city’s stormwater permit—that gauges people’s knowledge of their environment. Questions often include things like, “Where does stormwater go once it enters the storm drain?” (a surprising number of ... READ MORE

IECA Region One Welcomes New Executive Director

| Denver, CO – The International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Region One board of directors and staff welcomes Samantha Roe, IOM, as the new executive director of the association. “We’re excited to announce Samantha as the new executive director to take our association in a new direction,” stated Tom Schneider, CPESC, IECA president. “IECA is looking ... READ MORE

A Halloween Story

| In Erosion Control magazine, we’ve covered projects at many different types of sites, including lakes and shorelines, agricultural fields, and abandoned mines. All of these areas are on the radar, so to speak, for another type of effort now underway in Tennessee: tracking bats. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Nature Conservancy, and others are ... READ MORE

Ready When Trouble Came

| We’ve talked a lot in Erosion Control magazine about shoreline erosion, as well as the options those of us in coastal areas have to choose from as storms increase in intensity and frequency and as water levels rise. We can stay put and try to replenish our eroding beaches with sand; we can continue to ... READ MORE

Staying Afloat

| Several events have converged in the last couple of months to make people consider more urgently than before our relationship to the environment. These include Hurricanes Florence and Michael, as well as the latest report from climate scientists, warning that we have until 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas pollution if we’re going limit the increase ... READ MORE

FINN Launches New FINNsider Campaign

| Fairfield, Ohio (October 15, 2018) – FINN, a leading provider of erosion control equipment, announced today the launch of a new campaign across various media inviting end-users within the industry to opt-in to be a FINNsider. This new campaign will be launched just prior to the GIE+EXPO, October 17-19, 2018. The campaign will consist of ... READ MORE