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Status of HR6: The Energy Policy Act of 2003

On November 21, 2003, the senatorial leadership fell two votes short of gaining the required 60 votes to end a filibuster on the final comprehensive energy bill that was crafted by a House-Senate conference committee during the previous several months. A bipartisan group of senators balked at the bill’s $31.1

It’s a Natural

Turning organic wastes into soil amendments emulates natural cycles and solves problems created by current waste management and agricultural practices. We need to consider how these operations are currently handled and the consequences that flow from business as usual. Perhaps the waste manager can create new solutions that profitably connect

A Brighter Shade of Green

In 1875, the head of the United States Patent Office recommended that his agency be closed because, in his words, “There is nothing left to invent.” A century and a quarter later, we might well titter at such lack of foresight. But this kind of complacency—this illusion of mastery—reflects the

The New Waste Era

The role of waste is changing. What was once perhaps the greatest sanitation and health challenge for communities might now prove to be an economic and environmental asset. Waste managers and environmentalists alike applaud the latest efforts to utilize MSW for ethanol fuel production. Generating energy from waste not only

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