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Plastic is a material consisting of any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organics that are malleable and can be molded into solid objects of diverse shapes. Plastics are typically organic polymers of high molecular mass, but they often contain other substances. They are usually synthetic, most commonly derived from petrochemicals, but many are partially natural. Plasticity is the general property of all materials that are able to irreversibly deform without breaking, but this occurs to such a degree with this class of moldable polymers that their name is an emphasis on this ability.

Cigarettes Can Be Good for You—If You’re a Bird

Cigarettes Can Be Good for You—If You’re a Bird

Along with discarded plastic of various kinds—plastic bags, drinking straws, fast-food containers, and the like—cigarette butts are one of the most widespread forms of trash in storm drains and waterways. They’re small enough to pass through many coarse filters, yet collectively they add up to tons of material—as much as

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

Grading and excavating contractors that do site clearing are discovering equipment with the muscle to attack the most challenging jobs with speed, efficiency, and safety.

Look Before You Leap

Look Before You Leap

Many popular sayings are polar opposites of each other. “Look before you leap” is the exact opposite of “He who hesitates is lost.” However, a successful earthwork contractor must do both simultaneously. They must avoid the hidden dangers that can lurk below ground at any job site. They must also

Staying Power

Staying Power

When it comes to paving, “there is a place for asphalt and a place for concrete,” notes Bill Davenport, vice president of communications for the American Concrete Pavement Association.

Armtec and CULTEC Sign Exclusive Agreement

Armtec and CULTEC Sign Exclusive Agreement


CONCORD, Ontario  — Armtec LP and CULTEC, Inc., announced that an agreement has been reached for Armtec to be the exclusive distributor in Canada for CULTEC’s stormwater management products including the Contactor, Recharger, and CULTEC StormFilter series of products.

Armtec is very pleased to expand its stormwater management product portfolio with

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect

A ripple effect has already begun since waste officials in China announced to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in July that they would no longer be accepting various solid waste and recycling materials at the end of the year. Those ripples can be seen from Hong Kong to mainland China

Revisiting the Very Last Straw

Revisiting the Very Last Straw

As we look back on 2017, we’ve certainly had an interesting year.  Before we close the books on 2017, let’s revisit Stormwater’s  top posts for the year.

This blog post received several comments in 2017.

The Very Last Straw
Many cities and some states have banned single-use plastic shopping bags. The next item on

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