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Managing the quantity and quality of stormwater is termed, “Stormwater Management.”[13] The term Best Management Practice (BMP) or stormwater control measure (SCM)[14] is often used to refer to both structural or engineered control devices and systems (e.g. retention ponds) to treat or store polluted stormwater, as well as operational or procedural practices (e.g. street sweeping).


The SMARTROLL Handheld systems combine industry-leading water-quality sensors with revolutionary smartphone mobility, eliminating the need for bulky, expensive handheld meters. Customers can connect the SMARTROLL Multiparameter or RDO Probe to an iOS Battery Pack or Android Power Pack, launch the mobile app, and start reading results. There is no

Understanding Advanced Stormwater Management Techniques

This course will focus on the design, construction and maintenance of bioretention, gravel wetland, constructed wetland and infiltration type stormwater management BMPs. Although promoted over the past 10 years by the NJDEP, advanced stormwater management techniques still tend to be incorrectly constructed, utilized improperly or inadequately maintained. This has often

BMPs Gone Wild

This one day classroom/field event will offer breakfast, lunch, and 6 CEs/PDHs on topics such as: the new porous pavement standard; performance thresholds of BMPs; phosphorus removal; and water quality due to water fowl excretions. Erosion Control and stormwater management BMPs will be demonstrated in the afternoon session.

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