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An automated vacuum waste collection system, also known as pneumatic refuse collection, or automated vacuum collection (AVAC), transports waste at high speed through underground pneumatic tubes to a collection station where it is compacted and sealed in containers.

Improving the Livability of Our Cities

Improving the Livability of Our Cities

Most of us have pulled into our local bank teller drive-through window and placed our checks for deposit into a plastic tube sitting in a clear pipe. We push a button, hear a whoosh, and the tube magically disappears. In about 15 seconds, the teller is holding our checks. We

A Hybrid in Your Future?

I’ve grown long in the tooth predicting the emergence of hybrid technologies in the waste industry, particularly for collection vehicles, where the start-stop-start cycle carries with it major components of the operating costs, namely fuel use and brake wear, and accordingly a huge potential for gain. I came about my

MRFs for the Future

In order to plan material recovery facilities for the future, it helps to know what we’ll be recovering and for what use. From there, it’s simple-or is it?

Changing Solid Waste Collection Systems How to Make It Happen

Local governments throughout the United States are being asked to change the way they function, and solid waste collection programs are not exempt. Those who manage and operate them also must face the primary reason why many obvious program changes never are implemented: Human beings instinctively are opposed to change.

Technology Change: Opportunity or Crisis?

It’s often said that the one constant in solid waste management is change: technological change, political change, regulatory change, social change, and business practices change. Looking back at the 20th century, experience shows that change will continue to be a major factor in 21st century solid waste management.The City of

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