Reader Profile: Matt Corson

| THE FLINT, MI, water crisis has amplified the importance of water quality issues for water utilities and their consumers on the national front as well as the criticality of the work of people such as Matt Corson, director of environmental compliance and stewardship for American Water. Corson is responsible for directing the overall environmental compliance and stewardship program across more than 300 drinking water systems and nearly 200 wastewater operations owned or operated under contract by American Water throughout the country. He assists with the overall vision and strategy for American Water, coordinating with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and water industry organizations on national water quality issues and to help shape future drinking water regulations. He credits “strong teams at the state and local level that do the hard work” in helping with that effort. ... READ MORE

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|   BLUE-WHITE There are no metals in the fluid path of F-461 Series inline Variable Area Flowmeters, making these units well suited for use in many ultrapure applications. Constructed of tough, chemical-resistant polysulfone, F-461 flowmeters offer better resistance to high temperatures, pressures, and a broad base of harsh chemicals than many plastic flowmeters on the market. ... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Algae Control

| EMBALSE LA FE is a freshwater reservoir in Medellín in Colombia. The lake measures 1.1 square kilometers and is used to supply drinking water to about 55% of the people in Medellín. In addition, the reservoir is also used for recreational purposes. Unfortunately, the reservoir was suffering from frequent algal blooms, hampering its uses for both drinking water production and recreation. The problematic algal species primarily consisted of blue-green algae, along with diatom growth. ... READ MORE

Prioritizing Efficiency

| LOCATED 20 MILES outside Cleveland, OH, the City of Avon is now one of the fastest growing communities in northeast Ohio. The city is situated next to Lake Erie and is home to more than 20,700 residents. Its water utility serves approximately 10,500 residential and 1,000 commercial accounts with clean and reliable water. ... READ MORE

Pump Maintenance 101

| Maintenance will never be exciting. But it’s necessary work required to ensure that a pumping system operates when you need it. If pump operation was a football team, maintenance would be the offensive linemen who do the grunt work in the trenches of the scrimmage line and make possible the exciting plays and athletic prowess ... READ MORE

Accessibility and Analysis

| The water industry has been “data-rich and information poor,” notes Graham Symmonds, chief knowledge officer for FATHOM. “That will continue without a reconceptualization of how, where, and why we’re using this data,” he adds. “A lot of work has to be done on utilities to be able to collect, curate, and analyze this data. There’s ... READ MORE

Looking for Leaks

| Water loss can be attributed to unbilled authorized consumption such as firefighting or flushing water mains, unauthorized consumption, and real losses due to leakage. All are examples of non-revenue water loss. ... READ MORE

Upon Closer Examination

| Never has it been more important to inspect and maintain hydraulic infrastructure. Never has it been harder in both remote rural areas and crowded urban environments to do so. Direct inspection of pipes and sewers is essentially impossible given the small diameter sizes of the pipes in question. Yet aging infrastructure is more prone than ... READ MORE

Efficiencies at the Water-Energy Nexus

| “The interdependence of water and energy forms a nexus or convergence that means efficiency measures in one area have the potential to produce additional efficiencies in the other, thus benefiting both water and electric utility customers as well as the environment.” American Water – Water-Energy Convergence: Efficiency Challenges and Opportunities Energy efficiency and how to pursue ... READ MORE