January-February 2019

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 14 / No. 1 Editor’s Comments: Mining Insights IN THIS ISSUE Turning Data into Dollars High-Tech Leak Detection Control with Finesse Protecting Data Microgrids Power Wastewater Treatment Plants Departments Keeping Aging Assets in Check Creativity and Innovation Proof through Pilot Testing ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: David Turner ... READ MORE

November-December 2018

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 13 / No. 7 Editor’s Comments: Multidimensional Insights IN THIS ISSUE Efficiencies at the Water-Energy Nexus Upon Closer Examination Looking for Leaks Accessibility and Analysis Pump Maintenance 101 Departments Prioritizing Efficiency Ultrasonic Algae Control ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: Matt Corson ... READ MORE

September-October 2018

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 13 / No. 6 Editor’s Comments: This is not a Pipe IN THIS ISSUE Recharging Our Water Resources Critical Support Intelligent Water Management Tank Linings and Coatings Illuminating Technologies Departments Project Profile: A Stronger, Simpler Solution Phosphorous Removal Sponsored Content: Join Us in Long Beach for the 2018 Irrigation Show ShowCase Advertiser’s ... READ MORE

July-August 2018

| Smart Water for Smart Cities Conserving Water & Preserving Life Geotracking A Wave of Innovation Greener Grounds, Greener Business ... READ MORE


| Irrigation IQ Backflow Prevention Methods The Automation Advantage Water, Water Everywhere Pipeline Assessment ... READ MORE

November-December 2017

| Swimming in Profits, Not Drowning in Losses Radical Rehab AMI + Data Management Tapping Tanks for Energy Storage ... READ MORE

July-August 2017

| In it for the Long Haul Software Strategies Silt Management Tracking Non-Revenue Water Loss with GIS ... READ MORE


| Strength and Security Water Demand Management A Material World On the Pulse Sea Rise ... READ MORE


| A Critical Role Straight to the Source Preventing Loss Embracing Water Audits ... READ MORE

March-April 2017

| Storage Tank Maintenance Smart Irrigation Reduces Nitrogen Leaching Avian Invasion Do More with Less Counting the Drops Tightening the Belt ... READ MORE

September-October 2016

| The Winning Combination The Beating Heart of the Treatment System Innovation Ups Irrigation IQ Acoustic Leak Detection Stems Water Loss ... READ MORE

July-August 2016

| Pipe Innovations AMI + IoT Getting a Grip on Sea Level Rise Keeping Water Quality Contained ... READ MORE

June 2016

| New Sizing Metrics for Water Storage Automatic Success Keeping the Plant Running Non-Revenue Water Loss: Its Causes and Cures Saltwater Intrusion ... READ MORE


| Knowledge Is Power Optimizing Irrigation Stopping a Sinkhole to Save an Alabama Highway A Corrosive Issue Managing Water Resources With Graywater and Stormwater ... READ MORE

March-April 2016

| Integrating AMI and MDM: A Worthwhile Venture? Industrial Users and the Bottom Line Water Agencies Tackle Pipe Replacement and Financial Decisions The Water Storage Trio Water Reuse and Sustainability Attract Industries ... READ MORE

January-February 2016

| Leak Detection When Clean and Fresh Turns Into One Big Mess AMR or AMI: Which Makes More Sense? Climate-Ready Water Utilities Water Sustainability in Prisons ... READ MORE

November-December 2015

| An Up-Close Look at Our Pipes Non-Revenue Water Drought-Proof Design Cleaning Up Preparing for the Move to AMI Pass It On ... READ MORE

September-October 2015

| Water-Quality Trading AMI + GIS = Multiple Benefits Saving Irrigation Water the Smart Way Simplicity Under Pressure–The Valve That Delivers Women at Water’s Leading Edge ... READ MORE

July-August 2015

| Keeping Water Clean and Contained Water Reuse–Finding the Holy Grail Got IT? It Touches Every Life Charting a Path Toward Integrated Water Resources Investing in Green ... READ MORE

June 2015

| AMI Success Stories Managing and Treating Water Supplies Water Storage Large and Small Water Utilities Face Development and Drought From the Ground Up Keeping the Pumps Running When the Lights Go Out ... READ MORE

May 2015

| New Technology for Smart Educational Facility Landscapes Perspectives on AMI Preparation SCADA Update The Ditches That Made Magic ... READ MORE

March-April 2015

| Utilities, Water Customers Get Help With Data Management Water Storage Systems Saving on Water Treatment Costs Cleaning Pipes Made Easier—With Ice That Which We Depend On ... READ MORE

January-February 2015

| Water Flows “Up Hills, Over Hills, and Toward Money” Greening the Urban Water Supply An Unwanted Bloom—Algae, Maintaining High Standards Financing Infrastructure Upgrades Becoming Faster and Easier ... READ MORE

November-December 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 9 No. 7 FEATURE ARTICLE Football Becomes America’s Biggest Water Sport  OTHER ARTICLES Water Reuse: Use It, Don’t Lose It Eyes on the Big Picture: Addressing the Small Breakdowns Integrating GIS and Hydraulic Modeling DEPARTMENTS WaterSense 2014 Partners of the Year Digging Deeper for a Reliable Water Supply Nine ... READ MORE

September-October 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 9 No. 6 FEATURE ARTICLE Water Utilities Turn to Trenchless Technologies OTHER ARTICLES Water Utilities Turn to Trenchless Technologies The Benefits of AMI Are Many…If You’re Prepared The Art of Leak Detection and the Arithmetic of Audits Technology and Innovation Don’t Let Good Water Stack Up DEPARTMENTS Viability Study ... READ MORE

July-August 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 9 No. 5 FEATURE ARTICLE Water Quality Testing and Innovative Treatment Approaches OTHER ARTICLES AMI/AMR Benefits Utilities and Customers Boy Scout Jamboree Site Adopts Water Reuse Rethinking Water Storage Backup Power for Water Utilities Water Quality Testing and Innovative Treatment Approaches DEPARTMENTS Ad Index Reader Profile: Anthony Williams Help ... READ MORE

June 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol.9 No.4 FEATURE ARTICLE New Ways to Treat, Test, and Analyze Drinking Water OTHER ARTICLES What Makes a Successful Program? Many Storage Tank Options, and Different Ways to Care for Them Australia’s Drought Ends As California’s Begins When You Need to Make It Flow Uphill Five Major Steps to a ... READ MORE

May 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Volume 9, No.3 FEATURE ARTICLE Drought Defense OTHER ARTICLES DSIC Offers a Triple Win for Water Infrastructure SCADA Optimized New Monitoring, Piping Options for Water Utilities When Nature Strikes: Two California Experiences Managing AMI Data Drought Defense DEPARTMENTS Showcase Eight Practices for Implementing a Water Utility Customer Portal Water Moving ... READ MORE

March-April 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Volume 9, No.2 FEATURE ARTICLE Water Containment and Storage OTHER ARTICLES Overcoming the Barriers to Financing AMI Treatment Options: The New, and the Tried and True New Frontiers in Energy Management Water Consultants Keep an Eye on the Flow Water Containment and Storage How Smart Is Your Watering? AMI Integration: ... READ MORE

January-February 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Volume 9, No.1 FEATURE ARTICLE The Right Pipe for the Job OTHER ARTICLES AMI Defines Three Rs of Water Water Security Water Tanks, Reservoirs, Maintenance and Repair Water Panel on Water Management Pipe Systems and Pipe Rehabilitation DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile ... READ MORE

November-December 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 8 No. 7 FEATURE ARTICLE Commercial Demand Management OTHER ARTICLES Properly Monitoring Power Usage Billing and Data:The New Frontier Alternative Water Sources Small Oregon City Makes Huge GIS Strides DEPARTMENTS Publisher’s Memo EPA: WaterSense Partners of the Year ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: JoEllen Jacoby ... READ MORE

September-October 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 8 No. 6 FEATURE ARTICLE Losing the “Ick” Factor OTHER ARTICLES The Secret to Success Pipes: Locate and Evaluate Pump Retrofits and Upgrades DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Guest Commentary Letter to the Editor ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile ... READ MORE

July-August 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 8 No. 5 FEATURE ARTICLE Leak Detection in a Crisis OTHER ARTICLES The Data Difference SWAT Leads the Way Searching for Something More Rainwater Harvesting DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Guest Editorial:Help Customers Put WaterSense to Work in Commercial Kitchens Guest Editorial:Maintaining an Underground Potable Water Tank Irrigation: Smart Irrigation Month ... READ MORE

June 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol.8 No.4 FEATURE ARTICLE A Drop in the Bucket OTHER ARTICLES Repair, Then Replace Water and Energy: A Crucial Conversation Electric Bills—Water Manager’s Best Friend Rainwater Harvesting Customized Expectations DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments ShowCase Water-Energy Nexus: Energy Audits Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile ... READ MORE

May 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Volume 8, No.3 FEATURE ARTICLE Irrigation Demand Management OTHER ARTICLES An Evolving System New Regulations and New Technologies “Ratepayers”—or Customers? DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Guest Editorial ShowCase Advertiser’s Index ... READ MORE

March-April 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Volume 8, No.2 FEATURE ARTICLE Big City Meters OTHER ARTICLES Storing and Saving Pumps and Power Pipe Down and Fix It Resource Consultants DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Smart Irrigation: Real World Watering Guest Commentary: Turf Feeding ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Guest Commentary: Water Tank Pipes ... READ MORE

January-February 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Volume 8, No.1 FEATURE ARTICLE Regulated and Oversourced OTHER ARTICLES Data: Where to Start Backup and Beyond Priority Detection Less Energy, More Conservation DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Guest Commentary ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Guest Commentary ... READ MORE