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20 Pacifica – Irvine Co / AMS Hybrid-Electric Building

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Irvine Company recently announced plans to have energy-storing battery systems – about the size of a few parking spaces – installed at many of its office properties, starting with 20 Pacifica, a 15-story office tower along I-405 in Irvine. The company is partnering with San Francisco-based Advanced Microgrid Solutions to install the systems portfolio-wide. Irvine Co. has more than 500 buildings, which encompass nearly 40 million square feet.


Once the systems are installed at the buildings in Irvine, Southern California Edison will monitor them and draw energy in high-demand situations. The systems are expected to cut the buildings’ use of peak energy by 25 percent, lowering the company’s power bills. ESS_bug_web

Stored Energy Integration Facility (SEIF)

CSIRO operates a Stored Energy Integration Facility (SEIF) at the CSIRO’s Energy Centre located in Mayfield West, NSW 2304 Australia. This energy storage system was developed to provide an applied research platform for commercial scale energy shifting, smoothing and demand management of electrical bus loads connected to the grid.

The SEIF is designed to operate in simultaneous multimode scenarios providing bulk energy charge / discharge, such as peak shaving and peak/off-peak time shifting, as well as fast response to transients for ramp rate control. The control software comprises of a modular design that enables changes in configuration and variable inputs for continued intelligent algorithm development for applications such as forecasting for renewable intermittency mitigation, and storage efficiency maximisation.


This system is currently under expansion to incorporate additional energy storage technologies including lithium-ion batteries. ESS_bug_web

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