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Go Electric Launches Hive Microgrid-Enabled Switchgear

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Go Electric Inc., a provider of energy resiliency and microgrid solutions, today announces the launch of its new microgrid-enabled switchgear product, Hive.

Hive is designed and engineered to provide facilities with critical energy reliability and resiliency when experiencing disturbances from the electric grid. By integrating all the control functionality up front and bringing all distributed energy resources (DERs) into a central connection point, Hive simplifies the design, engineering, installation and commissioning for low- and medium-voltage microgrid systems.

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With Go Electric’s patented microgrid controller, AutoLYNC®, embedded in the switchgear, Hive incorporates a wide range of DERs, such as solar, wind, energy storage, and gensets. Making decisions by the millisecond, AutoLYNC ensures safe power delivery from any generation asset when isolated from the distribution grid. It monitors energy production in real time to constantly balance generation and load, responding instantly to intermittent fluctuations in solar or wind energy output. AutoLYNC senses each resource type and sets resource function based on customer priorities, including financial and energy security considerations.

“With the launch of Hive, we are further simplifying our microgrid design for our commercial, industrial and military customers,” said Lisa Laughner, CEO and Founder of Go Electric. “Hive’s prewired protection and controls, along with its modular, flexible, and scalable design, allow us to deliver an increasingly turnkey microgrid that satisfies today’s energy needs, while setting a strong foundation for the future.”

About Go Electric Inc.
Go Electric Inc. is a provider of customer-side-of-the-meter battery energy storage microgrid solutions that deliver uninterruptible power to facilities and forward operating bases, lower energy costs, integrate renewables and provide grid-stabilizing energy services to utilities. Go Electric is headquartered in Anderson, Indiana at the Flagship Enterprise Center and has offices in Brooklyn and Honolulu. More information about Go Electric can be found at www.goelectricinc.com

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