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  1. Someone should look into using kudzu, as well, for a resource for biofuels. It, too, grows at feet per day – a horrible invasive plant that is destroying habitat in the South.

  2. What sea life now uses seaweed as a food? I.E., what bio-system will human harvesting of seaweed interfere with? And if seaweed grows 2 to 3 feet per day, what additional technologies are needed? As in this sentence: But first, new cultivation technologies and methods are needed to significantly increase production efficiency.

  3. Impressions: Interesting, but nothing more. Do I think it would be a cost effective source of biofuel? No. I think the cost of “high pressure/high temperature” processing is going to exceed the required price point.
    Aside from that, many jurisdictions are mandating the phasing out of petroleum powered vehicles. While this probably wouldn’t technically preclude a bio-fuel vehicle, I think that functionally, vehicles will become electric only. That would cause the demand for “oil” to drop and with it, its price which will further undercut a biofuel option.

  4. Feed the matter into digesters at waste water treatment plants and you improve methane output for use in co-generation plants – producing heat and power. No additional capital requirements either.

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