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American Excelsior Announces New Family TriNet TRM Products

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Arlington, Texas  — American Excelsior is introducing a new product line marketed under the brand TriNet Family of Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs).

The initial launch of TriNet products included TriNet Coconut and TriNet Straw/Coconut. These products are designed to directly compete with existing three-netted TRMs that contain a degradable coconut or straw/coconut matrix.

The second launch of TriNet products is here and it includes their other branded products under the names Curlex excelsior and Recyclex, which contains synthetic fibers derived from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. These new TRMs will offer unique features and benefits that no other products can match, and both fibers are well-known for their high-performance capabilities.

Kurt Kelsey, Division Director, said: “We have been working on the development of TriNet products over the past couple of years to be certain we had the right combination of materials to meet the high demands of the advanced TRM products. I am excited that our efforts have been rewarded with the launch of the TriNet family. We knew what the performance criteria needed to be, and our TriNet product line exceeded our expectations.”

American Excelsior Company is the largest producer of excelsior erosion blankets and sediment devices in the country. They have seven locations located across the country, along with a network of distribution partners to ensure their products and their people are always close at hand.

More information about American Excelsior Company and their products can be obtained by visiting, contacting Kurt Kelsey, ESD Division Director, by calling 800-777-SOIL (7645), or via email at [email protected]

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