Finn’s Big Reveal of New Equipment: Titan HT330/400 and MBH6 to be Displayed at IECA in Denver

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Fairfield, Ohio (February 11, 2018) – FINN, a leading provider of erosion control equipment announced today plans to reveal new equipment at the International Erosion Control Association Show (IECA) in Denver, February 20-22nd. FINN will be displaying two categories of new products at this show – the revolutionary new Titan HydroSeeder and the new MBH6 Material Blower.

FINN invented the HydroSeeder in 1953 and with the launch of the new TITAN at IECA, FINN is redefining the category with more performance, more power and more productivity than ever before. The new Titan HT330/400 machines were designed to improve overall user experience and outperform with ease. “This new machine is a real game changer in the industry,” says Shawn Casey, CEO of FINN Corporation. “We talked to scores of users to solicite input as part of our design process and we conducted extensive research with a wide variety of hydromulch materials to determine the best processing and application methods. With all of these data points, we have designed a machine with the unique features that are needed for today’s environment, and tomorrow’s innovations.”

The new Titans include features such as a patent pending integrated grinder, innovative water curtain that minimizes dust experienced by the operator and helical agitators that reduce vibration and dead zones while mixing and provide up to a 42% faster load time, allowing operators to be more efficient than ever before. The new unit allows for more material storage on the deck, load rated tie downs, easy maintenance with centralized lubrication points and features that improve communication between driver and operator. And, for those who want more flexibility and versatility you can order the unit with either a centrifugal or vortex pump, or have both for field interchangeability. Equipped with a 173HP Tier IV Final John Deere water cooled, turbo-diesel engine and electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system, this new Titan provides maximum performance, power and productivity.

With the launch of the new MBH6 Material Blower, FINN is rebranding the Bark Blowers to better reflect all the machines capabilities. “The MBH6 is designed to be simple and reliable and can handle bark, mulch, compost and soil blend applications,” according to Matt Hoffman, Vice President at FINN Corporation. “This is a midsize blower that can hold 6 cubic yards of material, run for up to 6.6 hours without refueling and in most instances does not require a CDL license to operate,” continues Hoffman.

The new MBH6 has multi-lingual capabilities and saves users time, labor and money. Two workers can apply up to 15 yards of mulch per hour and you can save as much as 25% in material vs manual application. The MBH6 features a side mounted engine, and centralized lubrication points for easy access and maintenance, convenient hydraulically powered hose reel and a radio remote with visible set points for engine/blower speed and feeder speed.
Stop by Booth# 722 at the IECA Show in Denver to be one of the first to see these revolutionary innovations in person and learn more about how FINN Corporation is once again, pioneering the industry. If you are unable to attend the show you can visit to sign up for information and exclusive benefits and become a FINNsider.

About FINN
For more than 80 years, FINN has been providing quality equipment to the landscape and erosion control industries and is the worldwide leader for ground and soil management. FINN machines are known for productivity, reliability, and long lasting product performance. FINN invented all three of the product categories sold today – the Straw Blower, the HydroSeeder® and the Bark & Mulch Blower. FINN continues to focus on technology and solutions to help end-users be more productive. The entire FINN product line is designed to reduce labor costs, minimize down time and provide a Smarter Way To Work every day.
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HydroSeeder is a registered trademark of the FINN Corporation.

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