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B2W Software Expands its B2W Inform Heavy Construction e-Forms and Reporting Solution with Complimentary Form Templates Library

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Portsmouth, NH – February 4, 2019 — B2W Software, a leading provider of heavy construction management software, has further expanded its flexible B2W Inform solution for e-forms and reporting with a complimentary library of user-ready form templates. The templates make it easy for contractors using B2W Inform to replace paper forms with highly customized electronic forms for critical safety, inspection, human resources and other enterprise data capture and reporting needs.

Based on the best practices of leading contractors, the library provides customizable templates for capturing important operational data and reporting it in real-time. Unlike solutions that require contractors to manage hundreds of generic e-forms online, B2W Inform’s intuitive drag and drop authoring tools enable administrators to easily customize core templates and instantly make them available to staff everywhere via a secure, cloud-based platform.

“The number of contractors using B2W Inform to capture form data electronically and use that data for reporting, analytics and real-time alerts doubled in 2018,” according to Paul McKeon, B2W founder and CEO. “These users have developed thousands of e-forms, and our library incorporates content and strategies from the most effective forms to give new B2W Inform users a head start in developing their own.”

B2W Inform complements the B2W ONE Platform, which includes unified elements to manage heavy construction estimating and operational workflows. The solution for e-forms and reporting allows contractors to generate reports, dashboards and alerts from electronic forms, delivering timely, accurate data to improve operational performance, safety, quality and financial outcomes.

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“The frustration with generic forms – paper or electronic – is that no matter how many contractors have, they never have the right one,” explains McKeon. “With B2W Inform and a core library of templates, we make it easy for our clients to customize forms, modify them as needs change, and generate consistent, structured data for reporting and dashboards.”

With B2W Inform, users can create and manage form templates, fill out forms, and view data anytime, anywhere and on any device. Features include built-in approval workflows, data binding of form fields to a central database, and the ability to capture rich data such as e-signatures, images, videos, time stamps and GPS locations.

E-forms created with B2W Inform can also deliver immediate alerts within the program or by text or e-mail. Forms can be programmed to trigger alerts based on how a form field is completed, such as when an employee checks “yes” for a field inquiring if an injury occurred. GX_bug_web

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