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B2W Software’s Transformative Solution for Heavy Construction Scheduling and Dispatching Now Available

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B2W Schedule will empower users to collaborate in real time to optimize labor, equipment and material resources

Portsmouth, NH – December 20, 2017 — B2W Software, a leading provider of heavy civil construction management software, announced the general availability of B2W Schedule. The new solution centralizes resource planning, scheduling and dispatching processes and moves them online to allow real-time collaboration.

B2W Schedule, a new solution from B2W Software, allows employees across workflows to collaborate and communicate to optimize scheduling and dispatching of heavy construction resources across job sites and over time.


B2W Schedule will allow users across workflows to assign and view crews, labor, equipment and material resources on desktop or mobile devices with customizable one-day, multi-day or multi-week views. Individual users can manage scheduling based on their areas of responsibility – from scheduling crews and setting daily production targets, to initiating requests and filling resource needs. The comprehensive tool enhances B2W Software’s ONE Platform, which also includes unified elements for estimating, field tracking, equipment maintenance and data capture and analysis.

“Coordinating so many moving pieces over time, across job sites and in dynamic conditions may be the most critical challenge heavy construction contractors face in keeping projects on budget and on schedule,” according to Paul McKeon, CEO and founder of B2W Software. “The unique advantage with B2W Schedule is that it connects stakeholders throughout an enterprise, including field users, in real time and empowers them to optimize resources by seeing and managing the schedule collaboratively.”

The B2W Schedule Map View feature incorporates GPS and telematics data, validating locations in real time and allowing users to view and manage resources with maximum efficiency.


B2W Schedule is designed to replace the mix of whiteboards, spreadsheets, phone calls and other disconnected, offline tools commonly used by heavy construction contractors for resource scheduling and dispatching. B2W Schedule will provide:

  • A day-by-day view of resource assignments and needs, equipment moves, and material orders.
  • The ability to create and modify assignments for equipment, employees, crews and equipment moves with drag and drop simplicity and to plan assignments as far out into the future as needed.
  • Multiple filters to customize how users can view and manage scheduling.
  • Quick navigation between past, current and future dates.
  • A Map View that incorporates GPS and telematics data to validate the location of resources and assist with scheduling and logistics.
  • The ability to identify resource needs and conflicts automatically and present resolution options.
  • A Move Planner view to efficiently manage equipment moves and notify internal and external resources via text message or e-mail.
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A Unified Solution

B2W Schedule is unified with B2W Software elements for field tracking and equipment maintenance. Each solution utilizes and updates one common operational database that includes employee, equipment and job information.

Employees using B2W Track for field tracking and analysis can create or modify a daily field log directly from the B2W Schedule, including crew production targets. They can also create resource needs from the field that are then instantly visible and actionable in B2W Schedule. B2W Track users can also see available and assigned resources through the live map view.

Information from the B2W Maintain element regarding status and availability of assets can be accessed in real time in B2W Schedule. That vital information assists schedulers and dispatchers in maximizing efficiency and equipment utilization.

“With our platform approach, live data flows logically across the unified B2W elements used to manage operational workflows like scheduling, field tracking and maintenance,” McKeon explains. “That drives process efficiencies, eliminates redundant data entry and errors, and enhances collaboration between the office, the field and the shop.” GX_bug_web

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