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GSSI Proudly Announces Launch of New Website

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GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, has launched its dynamic new website. With a completely redesigned look and feel that makes it easier than ever to use, the website’s homepage is designed to help customers explore GSSI’s product range. It features a helpful and easy to use product configurator, quick access to the training class calendar, and all the latest news and updates, including the most recent case studies and videos.

The new Innovation Lab section spotlights GSSI’s most recent engineering initiatives and custom solutions. Learn about GSSI’s approach to developing customer solutions and examples of successful processes used to meet customers’ challenges.

The product pages feature a wealth of pictures showing the equipment in action and clear explanations of applications for which it is most useful. Users will also find data examples for each application and product, detailed product specifications, and a host of support material to help users get the most out of the equipment.

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The expanded training section – now called GSSI Academy – includes an enhanced class schedule, trainer bios, training request form, and easy to understand explanations about GPR and electromagnetic induction (EM) technology.

The new website also features a greatly expanded support page, which now includes direct access to user manuals and software updates.

For more information on GSSI and to see the new website in action, visit GX_bug_web

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