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XL Specialized Trailers Launches Newly Designed XL Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Models

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MANCHESTER, Iowa – XL Specialized Trailers has updated its Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) trailers, which include the XL 110 Low-Profile HDG and XL 120 Low-Profile HDG. The updates include a redesign and additional user-friendly features.

The biggest update can be found in the low-profile gooseneck. The gooseneck now features a relief cut out, which provides additional space between the trailer and the truck. The low-profile design continues to provide versatile equipment hauling, even enabling scrapers to load over the top for significant weight savings.

XL offers three HDG models, including two — the XL 110 Low-Profile HDG and XL 120 Low-Profile HDG — featuring a 24-inch loaded deck height. The XL 110 HDG is rated at 110,000 pounds in 12 feet; and the XL 120 HDG is rated at 120,000 pounds in 16 feet and 110,000 pounds in 10 feet.

The third model offers an 18-inch deck height with the XL 110 Low-Profile HDG, rated at 110,000 pounds in 16 feet. This version’s lower deck height helps meet bridge clearance regulations without the need for a drop side or beam deck.

To save time while loading and unloading, the trailer’s 13-foot long neck is easily removable through the use of a wet kit or with a power unit. The neck offers a five-position ride height. Based on neck position and load, the deck can be leveled as needed with the adjustable wheel area ride height. In addition, a new work light is positioned in the upper deck as an added safety feature for loading and better visibility at night.

The main decks on all Low-Profile HDGs are strong, built with T-1 flange and 80K webs, as well as cross members on 12-inch centers. These units feature a full 26-foot area in the deck before the rear transition. For added durability over the long haul, the trailers include Apitong decking, a wood stronger than oak.

Other features include a toolbox in the front of the main deck to provide a storage area for chains and other items, while the deep bucket well provides an area for an excavator bucket to ride safely without detaching the lower boom section. The wheel area features an open boom trough to load the excavator arm.

All XL Low-Profile HDGs come standard with several different tie-down options of chain slots, D-rings and swing-out outriggers. Full-depth heavy-duty outriggers are also included on the 24-inch deck height versions.

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The wheel area of the HDGs features bolt-on wheel covers, available in both heavy-duty for parking on or medium-duty for driving on. The air tanks are strategically located in the wheel area to keep them out of the way. To decrease wear on the tires, the third axle airlift can lift up when it is not needed. Finally, the frame of XL trailers is prepped for Flip axles and Boosters respectively, allowing extra axles as needed.

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