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SWANA Launches Online Certification Testing

Remote Access Platform to Transform Industry Certification

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Silver Spring, MD – The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) announces the launch of its new online testing platform which allows solid waste industry professionals to take certification exams remotely.

The online testing function is available for all ten of SWANA’s industry training courses, giving professionals the chance to forego traveling to a SWANA testing center and take the exam at their own location via computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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“SWANA’s new online testing platform will revolutionize the access our members and industry professionals have to SWANA’s leading certification courses and exams,” said Jeffrey Murray, SWANA President and Associate and Solid Waste Section Manager at HDR Inc. “This new platform shows SWANA’s commitment to making it as convenient as possible to obtain and maintain solid waste industry certifications.”

The online testing platform will give professionals the option to take exams at any time and offers 48 hour pass/fail notification, making it easier to fit job development and training into their schedules.

“From a teaching perspective, this new platform will provide students the opportunity to read through the content and take their time preparing for the exam, which will be extremely valuable in the learning, retaining and test taking process,” said Tracie Bills, SWANA / CRRA Zero Waste Course Instructor and Northern California Director at SCS Engineers.

Testing remotely means no travel time or exam center expenses, giving companies and local governments with limited budgets the ability to certify more of their employees.

“Professionals without the budget or time to attend a training center will be able to test at their own locations when they otherwise may not be able to keep their training and certifications current,” said Bob Perron, President of Guahan Waste Control and the only SWANA member to be certified in 9 courses. “It is exciting that more industry professionals will be able to take advantage of the unparalleled training offered by SWANA.”

To develop the new platform, SWANA partnered with Captus Press, one of Canada’s leading publishers of textbooks and online course resources.

To learn more about SWANA’s new online testing, visit

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