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Wastequip Honors Waste Equipment Inventors on National Inventor’s Day

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. [February 11, 2018] – Leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, Wastequip, celebrated National Inventor’s Day by honoring its more than 40 patents and its employees’ achievements to the industry. Founded in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan, National Inventor’s Day recognizes the contributions that U.S. inventors make to the nation and the world. Wastequip demonstrated its support for its inventors by providing an opportunity for them to share their stories, inspire others to make a difference and learn about innovation in the waste industry.

Marty Bryant, chief executive officer of Wastequip, said, “We are proud to recognize our inventors for being forward-thinking in honor of National Inventors Day. By delivering industry-leading solutions, Wastequip is on the cutting edge of making a difference in sustainability, and the future of waste and recycling.”

Todd Wright, manager of product development at Wastequip’s Toter plant in Statesville, N.C. holds 16 patents, including one for Wastequip’s proprietary Advanced Rotational Molding ™ process that creates extra durable plastic products offering superior performance and longer-lifecycle than competing injection-molded plastic products.

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“As a kid, I was curious about how things worked,” Wright noted. “I would take things apart and I always liked finding new and better ways of doing things. I’m happy to work for a company that encourages me to innovate and I hope to inspire others to step outside their comfort zones and bring new ideas to life.”

Through innovative efforts, Wastequip promotes a culture of creativity and National Inventor’s Day is part of Wastequip’s 30th Anniversary year-long celebration to highlight its key achievements and commitment to industry-leading innovation.

For more information on Wastequip’s patents and inventors, please visit MSW_bug_web

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