NuTerra Celebrates International Compost Week with a Brief that Details Environmental and Economical Benefits of a Large-Scale Composting Program

Dwindling landfill capacity, market growth for high-quality compost products, and substantial environmental and economic benefits are driving compost as a strategy for managing waste.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 3, 2016—NuTerra, a designer, builder, and provider of services that help municipalities address capital and operating changes based on proprietary financial and risk analysis models, today announced the availability of a compost brief as part of International Compost Week. The brief details the environmental and economical benefits of large-scale compost operations and explains considerations for developing and managing a compost facility and program. “Over the past decade, dwindling landfill capacity has helped municipal officials increasingly recognize composting as a cost-effective, environmentally beneficial strategy for managing waste, with a growing number turning this former waste stream into a revenue stream with environmental benefits,” said NuTerra CEO Aaron Zahn. “Once converted into compost, organic wastes—which are the compostable portions of the solid waste stream—can be used for landscaping, enhance crop growth, enrich topsoil, mitigate erosion and run-off, and provide other benefits documented in the brief.”

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The brief discusses the basics of starting a successful composting enterprise, including how composting works, types of facilities and equipment, which raw materials work best, odor management, production of marketable high-quality products and regulatory compliance. For more information about these and additional topics related to developing and managing a composting facility, download the brief from the NuTerra website at MSW_bug_web


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