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The Beast of the East

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One of my favorite cable TV channels is the Velocity channel. It airs all kinds of car and truck shows that repair, restore, or modify different kinds of vehicles. I especially enjoy the episodes in which they upgrade a pickup truck or SUV for off-road driving.

Ocean City, MD, recently modified a waste collection truck so that it could perform off-road. The public works department didn’t do it for fun or as a novelty; it actually needed to get work done.

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Ocean City is a vacation destination in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The town has a year-round population of around 7,200. But when the hot summer months appear, population numbers swell to a daily average of more than 300,000 people. It spends nearly a million dollars every year on beach cleaning operations using an extensive fleet of CASE tractors, sifters, and sanitizers seven nights a week. But when it came to waste collection on the beach, it was looking for something fast and efficient.

Ocean City Public Works joined up with Bridgeport Manufacturing and Waste Equipment Sales and Service to create what they call the “Beast of the East.” The off-road and beach collection truck comes with a 23-yard capacity with multiple tire configurations and can be mated with a chassis to fit a variety of conditions. Using it for beach collection eliminates the need to rely on the multiple trucks and manpower that Ocean City was previously using. I wonder if they have any operators fighting over that route? MSW_bug_web

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