Stormwater Looking Ahead to 2019

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As we look forward in 2019, change is in the air. First, in case you missed it, Stormwater and our annual conferences StormCon and the Western Water Summit were acquired by Endeavor  Business Media last month.  We’re excited to be a part of the Endeavor Business Media family, and our team will continue to bring you the quality content and events which you expect.  You can read the full announcement here.

Predictions are de rigueur for New Year’s posts, and we predict that stormwater education programs and green building practices will be adopted with increasing frequency.  With that, we’d like to revisit these articles from Stormwater.

Join us in Atlanta August 18–22, 2019  for StormCon, a five-day special event to learn from experts in various water-related arenas.  Share ideas with peers in your field and across industries—exploring new stormwater management practices and technologies.  Click here for details

From Rooftop to Shoreline

Geosynthetic materials help retain water, reduce runoff, and prevent erosion.

Most people going about their day are not aware of the many uses of geosynthetic materials around them. Certainly back in the 1950s and ’60s, few people could envision how widespread these materials’ use would become, from the filter fabric protecting a storm drain to the underlayer of permeable pavers to a tubular structure helping to stabilize a shoreline.

Green Roofs Go to School
When Philadelphia-based Mastery Charter Schools had its Camden, NJ, school designed, school officials were adamant about two goals: they wanted a better learning environment for students and the newest technology for stormwater management.  Continue Reading

Project Profile: Clean Water Partners Promote Stormwater Education

“Many hands make light work” may be the appropriate slogan for the Clean Water Partners (CWP), a group of municipalities in Northern Virginia that banded together to create a regional stormwater education program that is celebrating its 12th successful year.

Started in 2006, the CWP has a shared goal to work together to keep residents healthy and safe by reducing pollution that reaches local streams, which then flows on to pollute the Chesapeake Bay. Continue Reading

We look forward to seeing you in 2019 at the Western Water Summit and StormCon! SW_bug_web

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