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  1. In Western Washington, 2014 through 2017 was the wettest 4 years on record (for Seattle) but also some of the driest summers on record. In the summer of 2017, Seattle went a record 53 days without rainfall. The trend seems to be heavy bursts of rain mostly not during the growing season and long hot summers blanketed with forest fire smoke. This can be challenging for agriculture as fields may be too wet to plant in the spring but by the time the plants are really growing there is no water. Storage of water seems like the obvious solution (and we all should be storing water) but storing water on a scale large enough for agriculture is difficult. We are depleting our natural water reserves in the ground by over consumption and in the mountains (snow-pack) thorough climate change. How will we grow food when we get most of our rainfall in a few storm-events when many of the fields are fallow?

    Great post thank you.

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